Brown and grey derby shoes Olivier II


Richly embellished casual men's brogues in natural grain leather



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Everyday men's leather shoes Olivier II combine original cut with high-quality workmanship. The manufacturer used smooth leather, velour leather and pea leather, which combined create an attractive sporty design. The strong sole provides adequate grip and comfort during wearing. 

The original combination of colors used in the shoes may appeal to gentlemen, bored with the monotony of subdued styling. Olivier II leather shoes are distinguished by the extravagance of their workmanship and go well with jeans, corduroys, as well as with smooth smart pants. Men's all-season half boots are characterized not only by their interesting appearance. Thanks to the use of a soft inner insole, the shoes are also comfortable, and this means that the foot does not get tired in them, even with prolonged wear.

Suede or velour are they need proper care. Before using shoes made of these leathers, we advise you to use an impregnating agent, such as ANTIACQUA spray.

During use, take care of systematic cleaning from dust and salt. Use a dry sponge or natural bristle brush for cleaning. You can also use a cleaning block for suede and nubuck.

CARE SPRAY MULTI CARE will help refresh and revitalize the color. This will help you enjoy vibrant colors for longer.

For shoes made of natural leather (including suede and nubuck) use shoe trees, which will keep your shoes in shape for years to come. Meanwhile, a cotton or linen bag is a way to protect your shoes from the weather.

Spring-Summer 2024 collection

Discover the new men's footwear collection by Conhpol for the upcoming spring-summer 23/24 season. It harmonizes the latest trends in shoe design with the brand's solid heritage. Utilizing high-quality components, precision craftsmanship, and attention to detail, it ensures not only elegance but also exceptional comfort. 

This collection, catering to enthusiasts of luxurious natural leather footwear, offers a classic style accentuated with a subtle touch of fashion refinement. Elevate your elegance to a new level. 

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Spring-Summer 2024 collection