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Ankle boots

Women's leather boots | Polish manufacturer Conhpol | Konopka Shoes

Beige boots Adelin


Price €62.50 Regular price €150.00

Adelin women's full grain leather trappers on super lightweight sole decorated with zircons

Conhpol Bis

Price €62.50
Regular price €150.00
Price €100.00 Regular price €142.50

Brown women's cowboy boots made of velour leather, with original decoration on the upper of the shoe

Price €100.00
Regular price €142.50

Black boots Bianca


Price €50.00 Regular price €107.50

Elegant women's boots on a high post with a decorative chain

Price €50.00
Regular price €107.50

Pink sandals Nora


Price €37.50 Regular price €100.00

Original women's leather stiletto boots with decorative tassels

Price €37.50
Regular price €100.00
Price €25.00 Regular price €100.00

Beige perforated open toe block heel sandals

Conhpol Bis

Price €25.00
Regular price €100.00

When looking for the most versatile and timeless type of shoes for women, leather women's boots come to mind. This type of footwear is not only practical, but also stylish, which will be a great complement to many fashionable outfits. 

When looking for the most versatile and timeless type of shoes for women, leather women's boots come to mind. This type of footwear is not only practical, but also stylish, which will be a great complement to many fashionable outfits. 

In the Konopka Shoes store's offer you can find leather boots in many cuts and color variants, so every customer will find the right model for herself. We have both grain leather boots, as well as patent leather or suede. Our models are available not only in classic shades of black, brown or beige, but also in fashionable, bold colors, which are more and more often used by our customers - this season green leather boots are very popular.

Natural leather boots

With the satisfaction of our customers in mind, we offer only high-quality models of women's boots made of natural leather. All the products we offer are solidly made and durable shoes that will serve for years, providing high comfort.

Black women's boots

Every woman should have at least one pair of classic black leather boots in her closet, which are the base of many autumn-winter stylizations. They will look good when paired with both an elegant dress and jeans. If you want to achieve a less formal effect, bet on black suede boots, which will give your creation a light and casual character. 

Women's beige boots

Another versatile option are beige leather boots, especially suitable for warm autumn days. It is a shade so universal that beige boots can be matched with clothes of any color, so they will be a perfect complement to many stylings. 

Women's suede boots

In addition to grain leather models, the second very popular group are suede women's boots, which are characterized by a softer upper. Ladies often opt for suede boots with a heel or anchor, which will give a chic look to the whole styling, and at the same time be comfortable. Our customers like to choose black, brown and beige suede boots, but we also offer proposals in bolder color variants. 

Elegant women's boots

Wanting to create a business style for colder days, it is worth betting on elegant suede or grain leather boots. Be inspired by the models available in the Konopka Shoes store and find shoes perfect as an addition to elegant clothes. 

Cowboy boots

Want to stand out? Complete your look with an interesting accessory for the autumn-winter season? Check out our offer of women's suede cowboy boots. You will find both flat models and fashionable high-heeled cowboy boots. 

Heeled leather boots

How to create an outfit for colder days in which you feel chic? The answer is simple: heeled leather winter boots! They look good, while providing comfort and adequate protection from low temperatures. 

Stiletto heeled leather boots

Leather boots on a stiletto is the most feminine version of this footwear. Such a model will slenderize the silhouette, adding a few to several centimeters of height to its owner.

Stiletto boots

If shoes on stilettos seem too unstable for you, bet on comfortable leather women's boots on a post. In our store, black and beige suede stiletto boots are particularly popular.

Women's flat boots

In the assortment of Konopka Shoes store we also have many models of flat-heeled boots. Our female customers really appreciate the suggestions of flat suede boots, ideal for wearing every day to work or for autumn-winter walks.

Women's lace-up boots

Leather lace-up boots are an ideal solution for women who appreciate footwear that fits well to the foot. Suede lace-up boots, available at Konopka Shoes in many fashionable colors, are a hit. They are eagerly worn by teenage girls, but also find supporters in the mature clientele.

Women's spring boots

In the Konopka Shoes store we have many models of women's boots ideal for spring, when the days are getting warmer, but the temperature is still too low to wear pumps. You can easily choose among them footwear just right for your needs.

Women's autumn boots

Women's autumn boots are the ideal solution for capricious weather, protecting you from lower temperatures. In our store we have gathered a large selection of autumn and winter boots, adapted to the transitional season.

Women's winter boots

When you feel the cold weather outside, it's time to pull women's winter insulated boots from the closet. In our assortment you will find not only classic black winter boots, but also models in many other fashionable shades. Women's boots are the perfect winter shoes, because they protect from the cold, and on top of that they look fantastic. Deciding on women's leather insulated boots, you get a pair of versatile shoes, matching many styles. Winter boots with fur are the best friend of women who appreciate warm footwear for winter. Buying them from us, you get a high-quality product that will serve for many more seasons.

Decorated boots

We know that some customers value originality and appreciate footwear that will make them stand out. For women looking for more extravagant models, we offer boots with decorative accessories.

Openwork leather boots

In the Konopka Shoes online store you will find suggestions for openwork boots on a post made of natural grain leather or suede. Such models will be ideal for spring, when the days become warmer. 

Boots with chain

Black boots with a chain are a hit of the season. Bet on this model if you want to create a claw styling.