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Boots, Conhpol - Polish production since 1978, Konopka Shoes
Price €175.00

Autumn-winter men's full grain leather boots with richly decorated brogue-type upper


Price €175.00
Price €150.00 Regular price €192.50

Men's casual leather boots, upper above the ankle decorated with brogs


Price €150.00
Regular price €192.50

Men's sneakers


Men's sneakers


Men's boots are quite popular both among gentlemen who value elegance above all else, and those who prefer a more casual style of dress. Over the past few seasons, boots have become a permanent trend, and we can already find timeless men's footwear that is perfect for everyday wear. We invite you to browse our range of men's leather sneakers. In our store you will find footwear of solid construction, delighting with comfort and variety of cuts.

Men's boots - fashionable shoes for real men


Men's boots are functional footwear, ideal for colder days. They are characterized by a higher upper, reaching behind the ankle. Boots are most often laced, although you can also find slip-on models. Most of this type of footwear is distinguished by tapered toes and a relatively simple design. This design makes them somewhat reminiscent of formal shoes, although they are also used for everyday wear, as their timeless look goes well with all kinds of styling.

Men's winter boots are characterized by a thicker sole or warming to provide thermal comfort. This is a very interesting alternative to massive trappers, which are difficult to match with styling in a slightly more elegant style. Men's leather boots from the Konopka Shoes store are distinguished by their elegant appearance, and their solid workmanship will be perfect for colder weather. In our offer you will find shoes ideal for jeans and a suit at the same time, which are not intimidated by frost, wind and wet ground.

Men's leather boots for fashion enthusiasts and supporters of comfort


Men very often care not only about a fashionable appearance, but above all about the practicality of footwear. That's why they look for shoes that will work for various occasions. When choosing men's boots for autumn, it is worth betting on leather shoes that will go well with both casual, smart casual and elegant outfits. Betting on universal models, you can enjoy one pair of shoes both at work and when walking around town or for business meetings.

Properly selected men's boots should therefore not only be fashionable, but also practical. The Conhpol brand creates models of footwear made of natural leather, which are distinguished by solid workmanship. Leather is a material of proven durability and resistance to weathering. The deformation-resistant material retains its original shape for a long time and looks great against any other material. We make sure that each model of our shoes includes a soft lining that easily adapts to the foot, providing full comfort. By putting strong, abrasion-resistant soles, we guarantee cushioning of the ground and protection from the cold coming from the ground.


What to wear men's leather boots with?


To what styles are men's boots worth wearing? Among other things, they can be worn with jeans, fabric pants, corduroys and even a suit. They are versatile shoes that fit in well with current trends and interact interestingly with both casual and elegant styles. Winter boots made of leather in our store can be selected according to your tastes. The offer is wide, and each piece is distinguished by a design refined to the smallest detail. 

Check out the range of men's boots in our store!


All men, looking for fashionable men's boots made of leather, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our store. Konopka Shoes are distinguished by first-class workmanship materials and solid construction. We present a wide selection of models that will delight both traditionalists and lovers of modern fashion. In our offer you will find lace-up and slip-on sneakers, made of natural grain leather in various colors. For those who prefer everyday footwear in a slightly more casual presentation, we have prepared suede boots, and for gentlemen who would like to add a few centimeters of height, we offer heightening boots.

Smooth grain leather, pea leather or suede are used in the production of Conhpol brand shoes. The manufacturer uses only the best quality materials, which guarantee high durability of each piece. We try to make sure that there is something for everyone in our offer, so the styles of men's Konopka Shoes sneakers often differ significantly from each other. For us, it is important to adapt to the needs of our customers - both supporters of elegant style and those looking for casual footwear for everyday use.

Men's winter boots - how to choose?


In winter, it is worth betting on men's insulated boots, which will provide adequate thermal comfort and protect the foot from freezing. Good boots for the colder months should also be distinguished by a durable sole, which will guarantee adequate grip also on icy surfaces. In our offer you can easily find winter boots made of leather that can handle the cold and snow.


Men's boots are also a popular choice for autumn. The higher upper protects the foot and calf from the wind, and the whole construction of the shoe works well during frosts and colder weather. 

Bet on quality and choose leather men's boots for yourself!

When choosing footwear for autumn and winter, the main thing to consider is the quality of the product. Moisture, frost, wind are factors that can damage too delicate materials. That's why we offer our customers only top-quality men's natural leather boots, which have won recognition among many men who value the functionality of footwear. Our shoes are created with the utmost care. We want each piece to impress not only with the workmanship itself, but also with the cut, matching the current fashion trends. In our offer you will find both timeless classic men's boots, and models with a slightly more extravagant appearance. We invite you to browse the offer and match the appropriate size of the selected shoes. If you are looking for men's boots for autumn from a proven manufacturer, you are in the right place.