Elevator sneakers

Leather elevator shoes - 7 cm higher, Conhpol - Polish production since 1978, Konopka Shoes

In the offer of the Konopka Shoes store you can find elevated sports shoes. What are their characteristics? Among what models can our customers choose?

In the offer of the Konopka Shoes store you can find elevated sports shoes. What are their characteristics? Among what models can our customers choose?

Elevated sports shoes

The whole secret of elevated shoes lies in the specially shaped upper, which hides the elevating insole. The way it is placed in the shoe ensures comfort even when you spend all day in men's athletic booster shoes. The effect? You gain up to 6-7 extra centimeters of height - thanks to the special manufacturing technique of the sports shoes we offer, the result is obtained naturally, invisible to uninitiated observers. Why should you buy athletic heightening shoes for men?

When completing an outfit in which we show ourselves in public, we are guided by various factors. We pay attention to the color scheme of the garment, comfort, fit.... We take into account our own taste, i.e. whether we simply like a particular piece of clothing. The same is true of accessories. We want to feel good with them, confident. They must fit us, reflect not only the occasion for which we wear them, but also the character of the person wearing them. Men who would like to look taller, feel more comfortable, present an upright silhouette and confident posture, can do this by purchasing elevated sports shoes. They will make them feel good in their skin every day, not just on holidays. Take a look at the models available in our assortment and choose the perfect ones for you.

Sports men's booster shoes - our offer

Each of our collections is a diverse palette of products, which are designed to meet the different needs of customers, to fit a variety of preferences. We are committed to ensuring that visitors to our store can easily find a product to suit their needs.

Among the men's athletic, elevated shoes available in Konopka Shoes' assortment are:

comfortable elevated, lace-up sneakers with fabric, airy inserts;

classic sneakers made of comfortable, nice-to-touch suede leather;

casual shoes with a classic cut, urban style, suitable for a variety of styles;

booster boots for colder days, with an extra inner layer to protect feet from freezing in the autumn-winter season.

And all this in many color variants, in sizes from 37 to 44 - so that you can order from us elevated sports shoes, perfectly tailored to your feet. 

Particularly noteworthy are models combining classic brown with fashionable navy blue, or shoes in red - perfect for styling with a sporty, casual look. 

Among the latest trends, dark-colored footwear on a light sole also reigns supreme - they will work especially in dry weather, as ideal for wearing on city sidewalks.

White sneakers are also already a classic of the genre among sports shoes. They look good both when paired with bright styling and as a contrast to dark clothing.

Choose sporty men's elevator shoes that best reflect your character and those in which you feel comfortable. At Konopka Shoes you will find only the finest leathers, perfect finishes and durable models that will remain your favorite for many years.

For casual occasions, most men choose comfortable shoes with a more sporty cut. When you buy shoes made of natural leather, you are assured of comfort, durability and a chic look.