Monks, Conhpol - Polish production since 1978, Konopka Shoes

Brown monk Oscar


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Men's casual leather half shoes with decorative buckles


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Black shoes Marco, Conhpol - Polish production, Monks, CI6188-01, Konopka Shoes
Black shoes Marco, Conhpol - Polish production, Monks, CI6188-01, Konopka Shoes
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Black monk Marco


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Classic men's leather monks with silver buckles


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Brown monk Thoma


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Elegant men's full grain leather monks with delicate embellishments on the entire upper


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Monk shoes - they attract eyes all year round!

Monk shoes - they attract eyes all year round!

On the shelf of classic men's shoes at Konopka Shoes you will find various interesting designs. Among them, it is worth noting the elegant monk shoes for men. This is a model that you can not pass by indifferently. They attract by their design, original finish, but also by the fact that they fit into a variety of styles. What else makes them stand out?

Monks, or shoes with buckles

What is characteristic of monks is the type of fastening. Instead of having standard laces, monks are men's shoes with buckles. Initially they were produced with only one buckle, but over time there were more straps ending in this special fastening. Nowadays it is most common to find these men's shoes with two buckles, although there are some models that even have four buckles!

Men's shoes with a buckle, having its origins in medieval monasteries, today enjoy considerable recognition for their elegance, but also for their comfort and ease of putting on. In addition, the buckle used gives the possibility of individual adjustment of each cut. Classic monk shoes are a good idea to complement a simple formal styling - with a suit, and also as an interesting element of a casual outfit. Linen shirts, light blazers or chinos pants can harmonize very nicely with men's formal shoes with buckle.

Leather monk shoes

The leather monks you'll get at Konopka Shoes are designed by the Conhpol brand, which is characterized by the use of high-quality materials and careful finishing of its products. This is exactly what you can expect from men's buckle shoes from our store. Cattle leather makes the footwear comfortable and durable. Any discerning man will see in these styles a hint of elegance, but also an intriguing, feisty claw. Men's leather shoes with buckle are the answer for any seeker of new fashion adventures!

Men's monk shoes brown

The deep brown of men's monks guarantees a successful styling in any season. In our assortment we have several models of brown monk shoes. Tomy II boots are an original proposal for the autumn-winter season, when you need a slightly higher upper. Wear them with darker pants and a coat. An additional zipper on the inside of the shoe makes it easy to put them on. Interestingly, the lack of insulation does not disqualify this cut in colder weather.

Business meetings, banquets or social outings - these are good occasions to add brown Thoma monks to your styling. Versatile with delicate decoration, they will go well with various sets of clothing. When completing an outfit, remember that men's brown monks harmonize with shades of navy blue, green, as well as all kinds of beige.

Black monks

Men's black monks are a selection of year-round shoes that are one of a kind. Their unique texture and subtle finish make them a find on any foot! Black men's shoes with buckle are a classic of the genre. They go well with a typical suit for work. If you like to wear shades of gray or graphite, then black monks are for you!

You can also find monks in black in a lacquered version. This type of footwear is the finishing touch to many evening outfits, which will add class to any outing to the theater, opera or cinema.

Where to buy monki shoes?

Monks are men's shoes, which in different cuts you can find in the Konopka Shoes store. Our assortment consists of two-buckle monks in shades of brown and black. Most models are made of grain leather, although you will also find lacquered monks, such as William. In addition to the standard height of the heel (2-2.5 cm), you can come across heightening monks (see also: heightening shoes), which will add another 7 cm of height to their wearer. Various patterns of finishing the structure of shoes at Konopka Shoes allow many customers to choose something just for themselves.

Monk shoes - styles worth noting

What to wear monk shoes with? This question is asked by many gentlemen for whom elegance in fashion is important. Monks are shoes with a variety of uses. It all depends on what color your pair is and what it is made of. Brown and black grain leather monks you can successfully wear with a subdued suit for a business conversation. Monks will also work well as a styling element for an afternoon, less formal meeting with friends. In such a situation, wear them with light ankle-length pants and a light shirt. A light jacket will be an apt complement to such a combination. Fashion conventions, however, advise against combining monks with a tuxedo or tailcoat.