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Women's leather shoes, Polish manufacturer Conhpol, Konopka Shoes

Women's shoes


Women's shoes


Why do women love women's shoes so much? This is the most versatile type of footwear, which will work for almost any styling, and what's more, it provides comfort and freedom of movement even when worn for hours. Semi-boots are characterized by the fact that they can be worn all year round, as they will work well in any weather.

Semi-boots made of natural leather come in so many styles that it is easy for any lady to choose something for herself. In our store you can find a wide selection of slip-on shoes, as well as original women's lace-up derby shoes, as well as fashionable oxfords. Our footwear is distinguished by high quality workmanship. For the production of shoes offered in our store, solid leather was used, resistant to deformation, which fits well to the foot


Women's shoes - versatile footwear for everyday use


Women's shoes are footwear that are worn by ladies of all ages. Their popularity is wide, both among teenage girls and women in their 50s. There is no denying that shoes are among the most versatile footwear that will be perfect for any season. The Konopka Shoes brand offers a wide selection of women's shoes in various cuts and an interesting range of colors. In the store you will find, among others, classic moccasins, as well as original derby shoes, maintained in unusual colors. 

When you choose Konopka Shoes leather shoes, you are betting on comfort, solid workmanship and stylish appearance. The brand makes sure that each model is distinguished by its functionality and excellent fit to the foot, providing full walking comfort. Women's half-shoes for autumn are perfect for walking both on city roads and office floors. Any lady looking for shoes for everyday wear should take a look at our assortment.

What can women's leather shoes be worn with?


Women's boots are an ideal option when paired with casual, smart casual and elegant styling. It is because of their high functionality that they are called universal footwear. Semi-boots go well with jeans, as well as any other type of pants, skirt or longer dress. They can be matched with virtually any outfit, making them the perfect everyday shoes.

Konopka Shoes women's leather shoes stand out for their versatility, not only in terms of cut. The natural outer leather, combined with a soft insole and durable sole, make up shoes that can be worn both to work and for a longer walk. We make sure that our models are distinguished by the right fit, providing the foot with full comfort and air circulation. We construct women's half shoes in such a way as to reduce the risk of irritation during prolonged walking. We rely on soles made of durable, abrasion-resistant and often super-lightweight material that provides adequate cushioning of the ground, regardless of its surface. We go to great lengths to ensure that each model is refined in detail and fulfills its purpose 100%.

Types of women's shoes


Women's shoes are a type of footwear that can be divided into several subspecies. In our offer you will meet stylish women's oxfords, a version of everyday shoes, characterized by a closed seam and a flat sole. Such footwear will be perfect for smart casual styling and for formal attire. Fashionable leather loafers and derby shoes with open lacing (open toe) are also quite popular.

In our offer you will find shoes of various types, and each model is a guarantee of quality and good style. We offer classic women's shoes, as well as shoes on a pole for office and evening styling. If you are looking for something that combines comfort with elegance, bet on leather women's half shoes on a platform, which will perfectly emphasize the feminine shape of the calf. 

In our store you will find women's shoes for autumn and spring. Natural leather is great for any season, protecting the foot from overheating. We offer shoes in a variety of colors, both cuts of simple design, and shoes that surprise with extravagance and original workmanship.

How to choose the right women's shoes?


Shoes are distinguished by their great versatility and simplicity of combining with any styling. Despite this, the wide choice of models can lead to dilemmas, related to which women's shoes to choose. In Konopka Shoes store we offer models, made of the best quality leather, resistant to atmospheric factors. Each piece, available in our offer, is a guarantee of care and durability of construction. 

Not sure which cut to choose? Take a look at our assortment. We create shoes tailored to current trends in fashion, which means that you will find products in line with contemporary fashion, as well as retro models and women's half shoes in a timeless style. The wide selection increases the possibility of finding shoes that will 100% meet the requirements of our customers.

Why choose leather women's shoes from Konopka Shoes?


Women's shoes are versatile footwear that can be worn for virtually any occasion. Ladies love this type of footwear because of the variety of models and the functionality of each of them. Choosing women's shoes for autumn in our store, you will be able to enjoy comfort regardless of the aura, prevailing outside. Our shoes are constructed to withstand heavy rain, although they are also perfect for autumn walks in the park or long walks through shopping malls. If you're thinking of completing your daily outfit with fashionable women's leather shoes, we have great suggestions for women's shoes in various sizes. 

Get acquainted with the assortment of our store!

Right now you have the opportunity to choose women's leather shoes in the latest fashion! We are constantly creating new fashions, trying to respond to the needs of our customers. We invite you to browse the offer and choose women's half shoes, which will work well in spring and autumn, regardless of the weather.