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Moccasins & loafers

Women's leather moccasins and loafers, Polish manufacturer, Konopka Shoes

Women's moccasins and loafers


Women's moccasins and loafers


Moccasins and loafers are types of footwear that are very often confused with each other, because they are characterized by a similar appearance and provide high standards of comfort. Although they have been known in the fashion world for years, in recent times they have returned to favor and are currently one of the basic elements of every woman's closet. It's hard to find shoes that fit better with any casual styling, and at the same time will look great against a pencil skirt or a stylish dress. In our offer you will find moccasins on a thick sole, which are great for any ground, as well as neat loafers, perfect for slim pants or skirt. Take a look at our assortment, the choice is really wide.

Loafers and women's moccasins - are they the same type of footwear?

Moccasins and loafers look very similar. They are characterized by the absence of laces and fasteners, and their upper is usually similar in shape. However, there are some subtle differences that are worth noting when deciding on any of the types of footwear in question. The former have a rich history, and their cuts have hardly changed over the years. For many women, they are comfortable shoes for spring, which will blend in well with any styling. Some believe that loafers were inspired by moccasins. They look very similar, and the only slight difference is that they are more often used to complement formal styling. Many people use the names interchangeably and consider them the same genre of shoes. 

Loafers are distinguished by a low, square heel and are most often made of leather or eco-leather. Moccasins can be sewn from suede or textile, and their sole is often soft and without a heel. 

Why choose moccasins and loafers for women?

Women's moccasins are distinguished primarily by the fact that they are comfortable. The universal style of footwear appeals to ladies who appreciate a stylish look, regardless of the occasion. Fashionable women's leather moccasins add charm to any styling, and at the same time provide full freedom of movement. Moccasins are lightweight spring shoes, which are suitable for both work and social gatherings. Models of solid construction guarantee the foot comfort also during many hours of wear.

Loafers are also worth buying, especially if you are interested in footwear with a slightly more refined style. Loafers on a platform will emphasize the femininity of the calves and become the perfect complement to business styling. 

What to wear women's moccasins with?


Moccasins are shoes inspired by everyday fashion, so we can say that they are the perfect shoes for casual styling. Their versatile style means that they can be matched with clothing of all kinds. Suede moccasins will go well with slim material pants, wide skirt or jeans. Women's leather moccasins from Konopka Shoes store are made of natural leather of the highest quality, which affects not only their interesting style, but also the comfort of wearing. We make sure that each shoe is distinguished by a soft insole, to which it is easy to fit the foot. Models available in our offer are a guarantee of comfort in any situation. 

The assortment of the store includes a wide selection of women's moccasins in various cuts and colors. With us you will easily find shoes that will meet your individual requirements. We are committed to ensuring that every lady, choosing our shoes, can enjoy their versatility and high functionality.

What to wear women's loafers with?


Ladies, valuing elegance, will certainly pay attention to stylish moccasins, which are perfect as a complement to office styling. High-quality shoes can perfectly cope with the floor of the office building, and thanks to the use of a strong, thick bottom, they can also be used for walking on city roads. 

Leather loafers will go well with black slim-fit fabric pants, a pencil skirt or an elegant suit. In our store you will find various models of loafers, made in accordance with modern trends. With us you will choose stylish footwear that will be suitable for everyday work, complementing the styling and providing full comfort of use.

How to wear women's moccasins to a skirt and to pants?

The popularity of moccasins and loafers stems, among other things, from the fact that they are shoes that can be matched with virtually any clothing. They will work great, for example, as an accessory to a denim or cotton skirt. This is one of the reasons why they are so popularly chosen as shoes for work, where the combination of comfort and elegance is advisable. Super-comfortable shoes will go well with jeans or fabric pants. Choosing moccasins and loafers for women, you can create unconventional styling, showing imagination and creativity. 

The fashion for moccasins has been alive for years and still does not die out. The versatility of cuts and walking comfort influence the popularity of this type of footwear. Thanks to the fact that they can be used in virtually any situation, women's moccasins made of leather are at the top of the rankings of the most popular women's shoes.

Women's moccasins and loafers - a wide selection of models in our store!

 Konopka Shoes is a brand, engaged in the production and sale of footwear made of natural leather. In our offer you will find a wide selection of leather loafers and moccasins, which will perfectly match any outfit. We invite you to browse our assortment. We offer platform loafers, which will go well with an elegant skirt, or suede moccasins, perfect for a spring walk. We make sure that each model made available is refined in detail. Above all, we care about customer satisfaction, so we provide them with shoes that are not only stylish, but also comfortable. In the production of footwear we use modern technologies, affecting the comfort of use. 

Loafers and moccasins for women are shoes whose popularity has not diminished for years. Ladies appreciate them primarily for their high standards of comfort. With us you have a chance to find women's moccasins that will meet your requirements 100%. A wide selection of models will allow you to adjust your choice to individual preferences. We encourage you to browse the offer and make an order. If you have any questions, please contact our representative, who will certainly dispel any doubts.