Elegant elevator shoes

Leather elevator shoes - 7 cm higher, Conhpol - Polish production since 1978, Konopka Shoes
Brown elevator shoes Wolter +7 cm, Conhpol - Polish production, derby, CH0370-01, Konopka Shoes
Brown elevator shoes Wolter +7 cm, Conhpol - Polish production, derby, CH0370-01, Konopka Shoes
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Elegant elevator shoes, derby in natural grain leather


Price €87.50
Regular price €110.00

Elevating formal shoes

Elevating formal shoes

By choosing elegant shoes from the elevating collection, you can gain up to 7 cm in height, and in a way that is completely unnoticeable to an outside observer. This solution is appreciated not only by men with low height, but also by those who want to look good at the side of a partner in high heels or simply gain more confidence with an upright, determined posture. Elevating formal shoes will certainly help with this. All the more so because we have collected for you the very tasteful proposals, which it is impossible to pass by indifferently.

In our store you will find the highest quality elegant men's elevating shoes: made of carefully prepared natural leather (usually cowhide), precisely finished, decorated with a sense of good taste and taking into account the latest trends. Timeless, yet fitting into the fashion canons - this is exactly what the Conhpol brand elevating formal shoes we offer are.

Some customers may associate elegant elevator shoes with models on a thick and therefore not necessarily comfortable sole. Nothing could be further from the truth! The manufacturing technology of elevating shoes provides comfort for the feet even when dancing for hours. All thanks to the specially contoured upper, carefully designed insole and raised heel - together they make up an excellent quality men's elevator shoes - elegant and comfortable.

Elevating suit shoes

This type of footwear is primarily worn with lounge attire. Elegant men's elevator shoes perfectly match the formal attire for men, which is a suit. Black, brown, navy blue, burgundy - we have models that can be beautifully composed with both dark and lighter clothing. The quintessence of classics, i.e. black leather shoes next to slightly more extravagant proposals made of combined leather or two-tone models - such is the assortment of Konopka Shoes store, where we try to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Our consultants will be happy to suggest which shoes will suit a particular occasion and outfit, but what matters most is your preferences and how you feel about the particular pair of shoes you wear.

Among our products, you will also choose elevator shoes for your wedding suit. Particularly noteworthy are lacquered models, although matte finish grain leather shoes are no less popular. We also encourage you to check out the dedicated offer of elevating wedding shoes on our website.

Although elegant elevator shoes match a suit, in our assortment you will also find models that you can confidently match with casual styling. Slip-on loafers with decorative tassels or suede half-shoes in navy blue are examples of proposals that will also be useful for everyday wear.

Elegant booster shoes

There are times when we want to look particularly good. All kinds of celebrations, in which we participate privately or in a business capacity, require a specific dress code and are an opportunity to take special care of our appearance. Complementing each outfit is carefully selected footwear. At Konopka Shoes we offer men's formal shoes, which have the additional advantage of discreetly adding a few centimeters of height to their owner.

Every man should have at least a few pairs of shoes in his closet for special occasions. Konopka Shoes is the right place to compose this type of closet. You can order from us elegant lace-up or slip-on shoes, devoid of ornamentation or crowned with subtle decoration, in classic or slightly more avant-garde shades. Always of the highest quality, made of natural leather, guaranteeing comfort, durability and excellent ventilation for your feet.