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Oxfordy, Conhpol - Polish production since 1978, Konopka Shoes

Black shoes Kevin


Price €75.00 Regular price €100.00

Elegant formal shoes made of grain leather, upper lacquered


Price €75.00
Regular price €100.00

Red shoes Elon


Price €75.00 Regular price €167.50

Original fashionable red suede leather shoes with thick sole


Price €75.00
Regular price €167.50

Brown shoes Oscar


Price €67.50 Regular price €125.00

Exceptional leather shoes, perfect combination of browns


Price €67.50
Regular price €125.00

Leather oxford shoes - a guarantee of style and elegance

Leather oxford shoes - a guarantee of style and elegance

Sleek, timeless and ideal for a suit - this is how men's oxford shoes can be briefly described. At Konopka Shoes they are an important part of the collection for gentlemen looking for classic designs for various special occasions. They beautifully finish the styling for a wedding, party or business meeting. Oxford shoes are a fashion must have in the closet of every elegant man! 

Oxfords are shoes that can be easily recognized by their slender design and closed seam, which is part of the upper. In men's fashion, oxfords are regarded as shoes for a suit and a tuxedo - especially those models that are made of black grain leather. These half-shoes are still sometimes called "wiedenki" in Poland.  These are the most elegant shoes for men.

Men's oxford shoes - brown

Stylizations that are not so formal can be successfully complemented with men's oxford shoes in shades of brown. Such a solution will appeal especially to gentlemen who like a slightly looser fashion climate, which, however, is still extremely elegant. In the Konopka Shoes store you will find original models made of grain cowhide. This is a high-quality material, which in the shoemaking workshops of the Conhpol brand has been finished in many cases with hand-painting. The bestseller of this collection is the Kevin model. Customers choose it for navy blue, gray, as well as green suits for formal occasions, but they also like to use these oxfords when creating styles with chino pants in shades of gray, beige or checkered.

Brown oxford shoes for men are also available from us in an elevated form. Elegant footwear that can additionally add up to 7 centimeters to the owner's height is a great opportunity for a practical addition to your style!

Men's oxford shoes - black

Black oxfords are a symbol of imperishable class and chic, which are added to any creation involving them. It is hard to imagine a better complement to a formal tailcoat or tuxedo during an evening outing. Galas, parties and weddings - these are good occasions to wear men's oxford shoes in black. Of course, this is not all. Black men's oxfords are worth using as part of the so-called business dress code. In large companies, where fashion etiquette recommends dressing elegantly, a suit complemented by oxfords will be a hit.

Lacquered oxfords

Men's oxfords shoes in lacquered edition have an equally evening character. Konopka Shoes collection has in its stock extremely comfortable models that will conquer many a fashion scene and the heart of their owner. It is also worth mentioning that the oxford shoes in our assortment are made by the greatest enthusiasts from leathers of very high quality. Thanks to this, the footwear you can get to know from us gives you a feeling of comfort even with long use. It is great for dance parties, and - importantly - its careful workmanship allows the leather to work unchanged for many seasons.

Men's oxfords at Konopka Shoes - choose a pair for yourself!

Men's oxford shoes - both brown and black, whether in grain leather or patent leather - are available in our store as heightening shoes. They are the answer to the needs of many customers for whom adding a little height in formal and formal situations is of great importance.

The oxford style shoes will be suitable for the most demanding men who appreciate the cult classics of formal outfits. In addition to the typical smooth texture, among our oxford shoes you will meet styles with an original combination of material structures or with delicate decorations on the upper. These types of models will be an ideal choice for work and less formal styling. Explore the world of men's oxfords at Konopka Shoes today!