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Booster shoes for men

Booster shoes for men

For men who would like to add a few extra inches of height, shoes with a special booster insole have been developed. The way it is located in the higher, intentionally shaped upper makes this solution completely discreet. Depending on the model, booster shoes can increase height by up to 7 cm. It is therefore an ideal option for all gentlemen who would like to be a little taller. A man wearing this type of footwear looks natural and, most importantly, gains more self-confidence.

Men's elevated shoes are different from those worn by ladies. In the collection of this type of footwear, you will not find stilettos, stilettos or high-heeled boots. This is because the solution is hidden in the higher, specially profiled upper, and thus invisible to the naked eye. Only the person who wears them knows about the shoes with an elevation, although he practically does not feel the difference and in no way reduces the comfort of his foot.

Looking for men's elevation shoes with a good reputation? Come to us!

The Konopka store offers Conhpol brand men's elevator shoes in a variety of styles and for different occasions: 

everyday elevator shoes - comfortable, durable, perfect for wearing on weekdays;

sporty booster shoes - will also add height to men who appreciate an informal look;

elegant heeled shoes for men - formal, matching a suit and other lounge styles;

winter elevating shoes for men - insulated men's shoes with a higher heel, so that you feel confident and comfortable at any time of the year;

men's all-season heels - elevating shoes that will work regardless of the weather;

men's wedding heightening shoes - even 10 cm you can gain on that special day when you should shine at the side of your newly wedded spouse. We have prepared a special collection of high-heeled men's shoes, ideal for the groom.

Shoes for short men

How to look taller? There are several fashion tricks that can be used to optically elongate the figure. Properly tailored outfit in a solid color, a shirt with vertical stripes, lifting the hair up - these are some of them. The most important, and most effective, will be men's heightening shoes. They are the ones that actually, and not just optically, elongate the figure and make it more slender. Men's elevator shoes are therefore the best answer to the question of how to increase your height. In the assortment we have a special collection of shoes for short men. Take a look at the available models.

How much height can booster shoes add?

Men who care about a few extra centimeters of height are interested in specifics: how much taller will I really be in heightening shoes? It all depends on your needs. Shoes with a slight elevation can add up to 6 cm in the case of shoes with a sporty cut and 7 cm for elegant shoes. We always recommend trying on such a pair and seeing how you feel in them. Elevating men's shoes with 5 cm heels are a frequent choice of our customers - they allow them to be noticeably taller, but without exaggeration. 

You can find a wide cross-section of sizes: from number 37 to 46, including small sizes of elevating shoes.

What do heightening shoes look like and how are they constructed?

Height enhancement shoes for men are manufactured to hide the extra centimeters in a specially contoured upper. With the use of a booster insole, the effect is completely natural. The high sole of the shoe hides the platform, which is responsible for the secret of the bonus centimeters. Men appreciate this solution very much. After all, visually men's shoes on a thick high sole do not differ from their classic counterparts. 

Raising shoes + 7 cm and their design

The great advantage of elevating shoes for men, therefore, is the fact that, due to its design, the hidden heel is practically invisible. By wearing this type of footwear, you elongate your figure in a discreet way. The technology used makes the shoes comfortable to wear. You can dance in them all night and not feel the height.

The design of men's shoes with a high sole has another important advantage: despite the increased height, the shoes do not put undue strain on the spine. It is comfortable to wear, so you can wear them practically all the time: every day and on holidays.

Heeled men's shoes - for whom?

We are still victims of patterns that have been operating in society for centuries. We can even come across scientific studies in which specialists argue for the necessity of the superiority (physical, height) of a man over a woman in a relationship. Certainly, an arrangement in which the partner is taller than the female partner helps, for example, in classical dancing. But what if nature has sapped height, and this directly translates into lower (!) self-esteem in representatives of the male species? 

Men's height-enhancing shoes are a simple remedy for the complexes of many men, at any age. Just buy the right pair of shoes to gain extra centimeters, extra peace of mind and.... extra points with women.

Here's who men's shoes with an elevation are recommended to in the first place:

men with low height;

men whose partner is taller than them;

teenagers who can't wait for their target height;

senior citizens whose height decreases with age;

anyone who will feel more confident in elevated men's shoes.

Men's heels have a longer history than you might think. Originally, it was male representatives who wore high-heeled shoes to emphasize their status. Today, men's shoes on a high sole are no longer indicative of social standing, but they are valued for the visual aspect and, above all, for the boost in self-esteem among men to which they contribute.

Men's platform shoes - Konopka store recommends its assortment

Where to buy heightening shoes and which ones to choose? First of all, pay attention to the fact that the shoes not only add height, but also have the highest quality workmanship, durability and attention to detail. That's exactly what the heightening shoes for men in the Konopka store are.

We have also taken care of an easy, intuitive shopping process on our online platform. As you browse through the available assortment, you can choose between the different types of leather from which the elevating shoes we sell are made, as well as select your preferred style, color, size and even the price range you are interested in.

Our elevator shoes for men enjoy positive customer reviews. Join their ranks! Take care of your comfortable shoes and well-being!