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Men's elegant shoes

Men's elegant shoes

Oxfords, derby, or maybe monks? Among the elegant men's shoes at Konopka Shoes, each gentleman has the opportunity to choose something special for himself. Something that will emphasize the class and chic reserved for important celebrations, for which men wear suits, tuxedos and even tailcoats. Elegant men's shoes can also be found with us in everyday versions - for work, going out with friends or on a date.

Elegant men's leather shoes

Elegant men's shoes, which are available in the assortment of Konopka Shoes store, are exclusive models made of natural grain leather, patent leather or suede. You can also come across shoes made of natural hair! In addition to high-quality cowhide, we offer exotic leathers. To such specimens we attach a CITES certificate confirming the original origin of the material in question.

Men's formal leather half shoes are the best choice when you are getting ready for an important festive occasion. Depending on your outfit, you can choose elegant shoes in different colors: black, brown, burgundy, as well as green or blue and navy. You will successfully wear men's leather shoes with a suit, but also as a complement to lighter summer styles.

Suit shoes

Men's elegant shoes and a suit is a timeless combination that will work well at most business talks, as well as at important family celebrations. What elegant men's shoes for suit do we recommend? Comfortable above all! A well-known classic that should be in every man's closet are fashionable black suit shoes. In such combinations it is worth betting on a simple form, hence a very good solution for many men will be oxfords or derby - footwear that delights with its minimalism, while looking extremely elegant. Men's shoes for suit pants should have a lower upper, uniform color and a small amount of decoration. 

In addition to black models, it is worth looking at navy blue men's suit slippers, which will be a great choice both for dance parties and for smart casual styling. Such colors are something for men looking for original and interesting solutions. 

Brown shoes for a suit

Suits in colors other than black and graphite will find a good match with shades of brown. Men's brown suit shoes are less formal, but still maintain a high level of elegance. They are very versatile, so they fit a variety of styles. Elegant brown men's shoes are also a proven addition to linen creations, which are gladly worn in the summer at higher temperatures. In the assortment of Konopka Shoes store you will find many classic models, such as oxfords Kevin or derby Viktor, but we also have something for men who like a bit of fashion madness. For them, we especially recommend the limited collections of the Conhpol brand of exclusive men's formal shoes in brown, which are characterized by unusual designs and original decorations. You will find brown suit shoes with us in the elevated version, as well as with a slightly larger tenacity for very wide feet. 

Men's black shoes - elegant and classic

Black elegant shoes are a must-have in any man's closet! This is an option for all seasons, which fits best during evening occasions. You will wear black men's shoes both with a suit and with a tuxedo or tailcoat. In the assortment of Konopka Shoes, in addition to classic oxfords and derbies, which are the most minimalist in their form, you can choose black monks or loafers. Are these also elegant men's suit shoes? By all means!

Men's formal shoes

Any customer looking for men's formal shoes should browse the offer of Konopka Shoes store. Here you will find men's formal shoes that you will wear on various special occasions. Importantly, the available models are made of high-quality materials, thus ensuring comfort while wearing and durability. Men's formal shoes from our collections are created from grain leather, patent leather, suede, nubuck or velour. Such a wide range will surely allow you to find your dream perfect pair of formal shoes! 

Elegant men's shoes for a suit

Elegant men's shoes can easily be found in different sizes and with different heights. In addition, for gentlemen who want to discreetly add a few centimeters of height, we have prepared a special collection of heightening shoes, among which you can easily choose formal half shoes for suit.

Men's elegant loafers

Men's elegant shoes, which are extremely easy to put on, are slip-on loafers, but are still confused with moccasins. Unlike them, they have a hard sole and a heel, which adds to their elegance. Thanks to this solution, loafers also look good when paired with less formal suits, ankle-revealing pants and light jackets. 

Elegant men's shoes for jeans - why not!

At Konopka Shoes it is easy to find elegant men's shoes that will suit not only evening outfits, but also casual or smart casual styles. Are you looking for elegant shoes for denim pants? Take a look at the offer of our store! You are welcome!