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Women's shoes - large sizes

Women's shoes - large sizes

Ladies who wear women's shoes in large sizes know very well that a comfortable shoe that additionally looks elegant on the foot and fits different occasions is at a premium. Many customers, in addition to large women's shoes, for example, size 42, are looking for wide shoes, which will work well for feet with a larger tenon. Such products can be successfully found in the Konopka Shoes collection! 

Leather shoes for women in large sizes

In the offer of our online store we have a variety of women's shoes in large sizes, including the number 42. Most of these products are made of high-quality cowhide or goatskin. On our virtual shelves you will find women's spring shoes, ideal for summer or autumn-winter season. Depending on the type, every woman will reach the best pair of pumps, boots, sandals or half-shoes. We also have women's shoes in large sizes that fit for festive, formal outings.

Stilettos - large sizes

Stilettos - a symbol of femininity and an integral part of many special styles.Ladies with large feet will care all the more about the comfort of their favorite pair of stilettos.The Konopka Shoes store offers various models of stilettos in large sizes, including a variety of stilettos: from the classic and timeless black, through beige, cream or gold models, to shoes in energetic colors, such as yellow or pink. In our collection there is also no shortage of heeled shoes in size 42.  

Elegant women's shoes - size 42

Among the elegant formal women's shoes in large sizes, the black suede stilettos from the Conhpol Relax collection are noteworthy.Made of extremely soft goatskin, they will perfectly complement evening outfits and other refined styling.The softness of this model allows you to use it for a long time with full comfort.Women's sandals - size 42

Elegant and pleasant to wear women's sandals can also be found in size 42. The pink Brenda model is an option for women who appreciate high quality footwear that can be adjusted to individual foot dimensions. These orange flat-heeled sandals, made of suede natural leather, will work well in various casual outfits, but also in semi-formal combinations.

Among other women's sandals in large sizes, our customers can choose specific pairs by type of heel, color or style. The collection of sandals at Konopka Shoes includes flat shoes with a more sporty character, but also models for cocktail dresses, summer parties or going out with friends. 

Women's hoes - size 42

The series of women's shoes is an undoubted treat for ladies who like to play with style.The available different designs of the Emma model give a wide range of possibilities for an unconventional approach to finishing many interesting stylizations. Embossed leather with a lacquered motif, multicolored jazz shoes, or maybe classic lacquered black with a touch of suede? Each pair, regardless of the design, is made of the finest cowhide and will add an original touch to everyday styling.

Fans of comfortable classy shoes can not miss loafers, which come in different color combinations, while their common feature is a graceful appearance on the foot, perfect fit and increased comfort.

It is impossible to forget about comfort when it comes to women's sneakers, which can also be found in size 42. In the collection of the Konopka Shoes online store there are many different models - those for followers of sporty style, but also those that neatly combine casual style with a touch of elegance, if only in the form of gold or lacquered finish. This makes our sneakers you can wear with jeans or fishnets, but also with an airy dress.

Pump pumps - size 42

For everyday or business meetings, we suggest classic and always fashionable pumps. This type of shoe combines timeless elegance with a guarantee of comfort.Minimalist design makes them a universal complement to many stylings. Large size pumps, including 42, have a practical low heel, such as a ducktail or post. In the Konopka Shoes collection you will also find super-lightweight pumps on a platform, which are perfect for everyday use in a variety of styling. 

Women's winter shoes - size 42

For colder days, we recommend our customers leather boots with a wide upper. This will be a comfortable option for minimalist women who appreciate the practical qualities of footwear at high quality. In large sizes among women's winter shoes, it is worth looking at insulated Twiggy boots. They are an interesting complement to an outfit in a slightly colder time. They will work great with dresses, but also with pants, and thanks to their unique cut, they will not go unnoticed.

Women's boots - large sizes

The line of women's boots is full of interesting models for every foot! Marion burgundy lacquered boots are an offer for ladies who like to shine in company. The thick sole, on which this cut is set, sensationally insulates the foot. The same model is also available in other colors, including black, white, and even with a floral white and gray motif. 

A subtle and very feminine shoe that you will wear gladly on warmer days are the lace-up brown Nina II boots from the Conhpol Bis brand. Made of grain leather, they are extremely comfortable both to put on and to wear - they will be an ideal choice for longer walks.

Ballerinas in large sizes

When a woman wants to give her feet a rest from heels, she relies on ballerinas. Footwear that suits a wide range of styles - from summer dresses to pants with a more casual design. Ballerinas from the Konopka Shoes collection are shoes with durable bottoms and soft, comfortable interiors. High-quality workmanship means that their owner will enjoy them for at least a few seasons!