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Leather elevator shoes - 7 cm higher, Conhpol - Polish production since 1978, Konopka Shoes

Booster shoes

Booster shoes

A special place in our assortment is occupied by booster shoes. They are designed to add height to their owner in a discreet way, completely invisible from the outside, without detracting from the comfort of the footwear. The popular terms "high sole half shoes" or "thick sole shoes" are not quite true. Rather, the secret lies in the specially contoured upper with a higher heel counter and a hidden contoured insole. Among our shoes you will also find elevating casual models, and more than one pair, suitable for special occasions, also matching an elegant suit or tuxedo.

One of the most versatile types of footwear are men's half shoes. They fit a variety of styles, and can be worn for different occasions, almost at any time of the year. So it's no wonder that they are immensely popular among gentlemen and are a must-have in their closets, usually in more than one piece. What are the differences between elevating half shoes and their classic counterparts? When is it worth buying them?

Booster shoes - what makes them different?

The main element that distinguishes this type of footwear is the booster insole, which, along with the sole, can add up to several inches of height. This is a simple and comfortable solution that appeals to men who want to feel good and look great in any situation.Boosting shoes made of leather, available in our offer, are characterized by the fact that the effect of raising is very subtle and from the outside completely invisible.When creating this collection, the manufacturer tried to respond to the needs of men who care about discretion. 

During the production of our elevating shoes, a number of modern solutions were used, affecting the construction of the shoe in such a way that, in addition to the elevating effect, they are very comfortable.Conhpol relied on a soft inner lining and a reinforced heel counter, so that the foot holds well in the shoe. Natural executive materials are distinguished not only by their high quality, but also affect the comfort of walking, by providing adequate air circulation.We protect the feet of our recipients from uneven ground by offering them shoes with soles made of durable raw materials, which will work as everyday footwear, ideal for work and walking. 

Gain up to 7 centimeters of height!

Why should you choose the raising half shoes in our store?

Men's booster shoes are an option not only for short men. Men who want to feel confident in any situation can choose them for their comfort and sturdiness. In our offer you will find elevating half shoes for autumn, which will perfectly compose with a coat or quilted jacket. The assortment of the store includes interesting cuts of leather shoes that can be combined with any styling. A discreet booster insole will make your posture even more confident. 

Choosing elevation shoes is a good option for many reasons. The main advantage, of course, is the heightening effect, which can improve one's appearance. Thanks to the fact that the insole used is invisible from the outside, any man can subtly add some height. However, this is not the only reason to bet on such footwear. Browsing through the offer of our store, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with a wide range of models, made in original designs, which will work as a complement to any creation. Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to find for yourself shoes for every day. We offer, among other things, elevator shoes made of leather for autumn, winter or spring. Our models are distinguished by solid workmanship and timelessness of cuts. We try to match the requirements of our customers, so we create designs that provide elegance, but at the same time are versatile enough to be composed with clothing in many different ways. 

For at least several reasons, our product range is increasingly popular among men who appreciate the combination of comfort, elegance and uncompromising quality. What sets us apart?

High-quality leather - we offer shoes made of carefully selected natural materials: grain leather, patent leather, suede leather, velour leather and nubuck leather.

Comfort - the use of natural animal skins influences the qualities of our booster shoes: they provide comfort for the feet even during long wear. They are perfect for everyday use and for hours of dancing on the dance floor. Natural leather provides excellent ventilation for the feet, also prevents chafing.

Elegance - hand-finished footwear is at the same time attention to detail and accessories that enhance each pair of shoes, making them unique and subtly eye-catching.

Durability - customers appreciate the fact that they can buy shoes from us for years: resistant to deformation and weather conditions, protecting the foot from the uneven surfaces on which it steps.Polish production - we are a distributor of the Conhpol family brand, whose footwear is made in manufacturing companies in Poland, from where they are distributed not only to the domestic market, but also enjoy enormous popularity abroad.

Diversified assortment - you will find with us elevating half shoes in different color variants, wide size range (from number 37 to 44), laced or slip-on, in elegant and casual versions. We have models suitable for the summer season, as well as semi-boots with warming, perfect for the cold months. You can also use the filter on the site to narrow down the price range you are interested in. 

If you are looking for quality footwear that will give you some confidence, take a look at our offer. There are really a lot of interesting models, and each of them has been refined in detail. Our shoes are distinguished by their durability and resistance to weather conditions. Natural grain leather is resistant to deformation, and at the same time flexible enough to guarantee comfortable walking. 

Different types of elevating half shoes from Conhpol

If you are looking for elegant men's shoes with a booster insole, you can easily find in our offer classic derby and oxfords, which are suitable for formal styling. Men's half-shoes in universal black can be matched with fabric pants of the same color or navy blue. Brown leather shoes go nicely with light shades and gray. Booster half-shoes are also a sales hit for weddings and weddings. Elegant leather shoes will look great against a fashionable suit. So, elegant elevating shoes will attract the attention of gentlemen who care about elevating their posture during a refined event with their partner. If the lady loves high heels, elevator shoes for men can influence a better appearance of the couple. In winter, elevating shoes, thanks to the insole used, will provide additional insulation from the cold ground, and thus increase thermal comfort.

For smart casual styling, we suggest men's suede elevator shoes. It is also worth paying attention to fashionable derby shoes with perforations, ideal for jeans and polo shirts. A wide selection of interesting cuts gives every man the opportunity to order from us something that will suit his individual requirements. With us you will also find copies, dedicated to men for whom comfort is most important. Booster sports shoes in various colors are an option for men, looking for comfortable shoes that will go well with classic jeans or sweatpants. 

The Konopka Shoes store also offers half-shoes dedicated to grooms, i.e. elevating wedding shoes for all who want to look impeccable on that special day. To meet the expectations of our customers, we have also collected a collection of elevating shoes in small sizes. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our assortment.

Men's booster shoes - functionality at its best

Leather shoes from the Konopka Shoes store offer a rise of up to 7 centimeters. We create elevation shoes of universal character, that is, shoes that go well with both jeans and fabric pants. Whether you prefer a casual style of being or value elegance above all else, in our store you will find elevator shoes that will meet your expectations. 

Our shoes are created from the best quality natural leather, showing high resistance to weather conditions. We combine modern technologies with good materials, so we can offer our customers shoes with a booster insole, characterized by unique durability and exceptional style. We invite you to browse our proposals.