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Elegant men's shoes made of grain leather, universal, classic cut


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Classic men's formal shoes are great for formal and office styling. The timeless style makes this model of footwear look very nice with a black suit. Kevin men's shoes are made of soft high-quality leather, which ensures quality and elegant appearance. The footwear is distinguished by a stylish shine, and its timeless cut makes the shoes suitable for any kind of formal styling. Black men's shoes have always been a versatile footwear. Kevin men's leather half-shoes will present themselves well with both simple black suit pants and checked or striped pants. The Conhpol brand has created men's shoes that fit perfectly into modern trends. Appropriate profiling of the insole provides the foot with comfort during wear. The almond toe adds a touch of finesse. Men's flat-heeled shoes will be an ideal choice for weddings, communions or formal meetings. Kevin casual shoes are an excellent choice for any occasion. Versatility and top quality workmanship will work for (almost) any occasion.

Care and maintenance of grain leather shoes requires regularity and appropriate measures, especially depending on the season. After each wearing, wipe the shoes of dust and dirt with a soft cloth or BRUSH. You can use a SELF-SHINING CLEANER if your shoes don't require deeper cleaning. Insert SHOE TREES to keep the shape of the shoes and prevent wrinkling of the leather. Once a week, use a soft cloth dampened with lukewarm water to remove dirt and debris. Allow the shoes to dry naturally. Use an applicator to apply clear black SHOE CREAM to the surface of your shoes and let it soak in for a few minutes. Use a SHOE POLISHING GLOVE mitt to get a beautiful shine. Polish your shoes in circular motions until you get a satisfactory result. Once a month, apply a thin layer of clear leather grease to your shoes. The grease further moisturizes and protects the leather from moisture. After applying, leave the shoes for a few hours or overnight so that the BLACK GREASE is well absorbed. Then polish the shoes with a polishing mitt. For seasonal care of grain leather shoes, we divide it into two periods: SUMMER protection from dust and dirt. Use a care spray regularly to provide protection. Apply every few weeks or after every cleaning. Leather can dry out faster in hot months. Use leather grease monthly to keep your leather moisturized and supple. WINTER it's important to care for footwear to protect against moisture and salt. Apply leather grease regularly every 2-3 weeks. The grease forms a protective barrier that prevents water penetration. An additional tip is to dry your shoes, if your shoes get wet, dry them at room temperature, away from direct heat sources to avoid damaging the leather. Use a WOODEN SHOE HORN when putting on shoes to prevent damage to the heels. With regular care, your grain leather shoes will look elegant and serve for many years.

Men's derby - elegance in every situation

Derby shoes are a type of shoe with open lacing - this means that the lacing holes are located on separate sewn-in parts of the upper, which allows for greater adjustment of the fit to the foot. In classic styling, derby shoes are considered less formal footwear. They fit both elegant, but also office, business styles. The collection of men's leather derby shoes of the Polish brand Conhpol is distinguished by high quality and elegant style. They are characterized by a simple, classic silhouette. The collection of Konopka Shoes derby shoes includes many colors and designs, so every man will find something for himself.

Men's derby - elegance in every situation