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Women's boots a la martens in soft patent leather

Conhpol Relax



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Conhpol Relax is a Polish brand known and appreciated by female customers for its footwear with increased comfort. To the autumn-winter collection of Conhpol Relax join beige Marion boots made of beautiful patent leather. 

In this model of women's winter footwear, the manufacturer relied on a very comfortable proven last combined with a bottom that only looks massive. In fact, it is light and comfortable, so the boots can also be worn for longer distances. The sole is solid and provides good traction also on slippery ground. 

Beige Marion boots have no insulation, the interior, including the lining, is made entirely of soft natural leather in beige. The whole cut is complemented by gold rings at the laces, giving the model a touch of finesse. 

Marion boots are a proposal for all lovers of classic martens. Our customers love this comfortable and fashionable cut. Beige boots are a proposal for the autumn/winter season, the shoes are perfect for outings on the town or for everyday use.

Shoes made of patent leather require gentle care. Use a soft cloth or a soft brush to clean them. Before applying any care product, make sure that there is no dirt left on the shoes (particles can scratch the paint).

For care, use a clear grease for leather - it levels scratches and protects against water penetration. Finally, it is worth polishing the varnish with a polishing glove.

Remember to use SHOE TREES when storing lacquered shoes, so they will retain their original cut for longer. And when putting them on, use a SHOE HORNS - they not only make them easier to dress, but also prevent bending and cracking.

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