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Men's autumn leather shoes, lace-up upper above


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Brown men's boots Nathan are a must-have shoe in the collection of any man who cares for an elegant look. The classic cut maintained in a casual style was made of natural grain leather. This model of footwear does not need much to impress. The only decoration is a brown ottoman with imitation stitching between the upper and the sole of the shoe. The open front, or laced, the middle part of the shoe allows you to adjust the footwear perfectly to your needs. A zipper located on the inside makes dressing easy. Men's boots are a fantastic basis for suit sets, but also for casual styling in the autumn-winter season. The timeless cut of the upper and universal color means that the model will never go out of fashion. Due to the delicate darkening of the noses and the upper part, the shoes gain a lot of nobility. A delicate 3 cm heel and a soft insole inside provide maximum comfort to the feet. The brown Nathan boots will appeal to even the most demanding men.

Care and maintenance of grain leather shoes requires regularity and appropriate measures, especially depending on the season. After each wearing, wipe the shoes of dust and dirt with a soft cloth or BRUSH. You can use a SELF-SHINING CLEANER if your shoes don't require deeper cleaning. Insert SHOES TREES to keep the shape of the shoes and prevent wrinkling of the leather. Once a week, use a soft cloth dampened with lukewarm water to remove dirt and debris. Allow the shoes to dry naturally. Use an applicator to apply clear SHOE CREAM to the surface of your shoes and let it soak in for a few minutes. Use a SHOES POLISHING GLOVE to get a beautiful shine. Polish your shoes in circular motions until you get a satisfactory result. Once a month, apply a thin layer of clear leather grease to your shoes. The grease further moisturizes and protects the leather from moisture. After applying, leave the shoes for a few hours or overnight so that the colorless GREASE for leather is well absorbed. Then polish the shoes with a polishing mitt. For seasonal care of grain leather shoes, we divide it into two periods: SUMMER protection from dust and dirt. Use a care spray regularly to provide protection. Apply every few weeks or after every cleaning. Leather can dry out faster in hot months. Use leather grease monthly to keep your leather moisturized and supple. WINTER it's important to care for footwear to protect against moisture and salt. Apply leather grease regularly every 2-3 weeks. The grease forms a protective barrier that prevents water penetration. An additional tip is to dry your shoes, if your shoes get wet, dry them at room temperature, away from direct heat sources to avoid damaging the leather. Use a WODDEN SHOES HORN when putting on shoes to prevent damage to the heels. With regular care, your grain leather shoes will look elegant and serve for many years.

Men's boots

Discover the newest men's collection of autumn and winter boots. It is sure to appeal to lovers of style and comfort. The Conhpol brand emphasizes quality and elegance. Each model has been carefully designed to meet the expectations of modern men. Whatever your lifestyle and preferences, we're sure you'll find the perfect pair to inspire you to new challenges and adventures, wherever they take you.

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