Brown derby shoes Aldo


Men’s, brogue shoes made from a combination of natural leathers




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Men's brogue shoes Aldo are exceptionally original and stylish footwear, representing the classic style of brogues. Their unique design and the use of different types of leather in shades of brown give them a distinctive character that captures attention from the first glance. The unique brogues, signed with the Conhpol logo, constitute a harmonious blend of classic and modern style, adding a unique expression to the male wardrobe. The unconventional design imparts individuality, making them a standout element in every men's outfit. They effortlessly complement both elegant ensembles with a suit and more casual looks, perfectly matching with jeans or chinos.

The interior of the shoe, made of beige leather, ensures durability and comfort during wear. The use of natural leather makes the shoes breathable, further enhancing user comfort. They perform exceptionally well in various conditions while maintaining an elegant appearance.

Their distinctive sole, the variety of used leather, and excellent finishing contribute to their exceptional character, making them an ideal choice for men who appreciate not only comfort but also originality and unique design. These are shoes that not only add class to every male wardrobe but also stand out from the rest, adding character to any styling.

Paired with an elegant suit, leather shoes Aldo add a refined character, perfect for formal meetings or ceremonies. Meanwhile, combined with jeans or chinos, they become a unique accent in casual looks, adding freshness and unique style. Regardless of the occasion, choosing leather footwear is an excellent addition to the male wardrobe.

Before the first use, it is a good idea to impregnate grain leather shoes against adverse weather conditions. Use ANTIACQUA preparation for this. Clean shoes from dust or mud with a fine brush. Particularly in the weaving of winter, this is especially important because the shoes are exposed to salt.

Before moving on to further care, remove the remains of old waterproofing with a cloth soaked in warm water. And for more persistent dirt, use a grain leather remover.

For clean shoes, use a care spray that refreshes the color and conditions the leather, protecting it.

Polish your shoes with a polishing glove to make them shine.

Spring-Summer 2024 collection

Discover the new men's footwear collection by Conhpol for the upcoming spring-summer 23/24 season. It harmonizes the latest trends in shoe design with the brand's solid heritage. Utilizing high-quality components, precision craftsmanship, and attention to detail, it ensures not only elegance but also exceptional comfort. 

This collection, catering to enthusiasts of luxurious natural leather footwear, offers a classic style accentuated with a subtle touch of fashion refinement. Elevate your elegance to a new level. 

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Spring-Summer 2024 collection