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Elegant men's shoes for work made of high quality natural leather


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The presented model of men's shoes by Conhpol is the best solution if you need unusual footwear for big outings. The highest quality leather makes this a premium brand model. Originality is added by unique decorative holes on the nose and sides of the upper. Every foot deserves comfortable and well-tailored shoes. The manufacturer Conhpol meets the demands of the modern consumer by releasing models of shoes with I-gauge, maintaining the guarantee of high quality and comfort of use. But what exactly is the dorsiflexion? In the simplest terms, it is the dimensions of the inside of the shoe. It is obtained by measuring the length of the metatarsal circumference in a standing position, with the weight of the body distributed evenly on both feet. The manufacturer decided to introduce a new product to the market - footwear of I-gauge. The unique line allows you to feel even more comfortable and is an ideal alternative for those looking for slightly wider footwear.

Before the first use, it is a good idea to impregnate grain leather shoes against adverse weather conditions. Use ANTIACQUA preparation for this. Clean shoes from dust or mud with a fine brush. Particularly in the weaving of winter, this is especially important because the shoes are exposed to salt.

Before moving on to further care, remove the remains of old waterproofing with a cloth soaked in warm water. And for more persistent dirt, use a grain leather remover.

For clean shoes, use a care spray that refreshes the color and conditions the leather, protecting it.

Polish your shoes with a polishing glove to make them shine.

Wide-footed shoes

At you will find a variety of leather shoes that fit your foot perfectly. However, in order to get full comfort, it is necessary to check not only the length of the foot or the type of last, but also the tenacity of the foot. The collection of shoes with an i-tenon is the answer to the needs of gentlemen looking for elegant shoes with a wider width. The collection of high-tenon shoes includes a wide selection of shoes of this type. By choosing shoes marked with the letter I, you are sure that you are choosing the highest value available from us. They are all characterized by an enlarged design that provides more space for the foot.

Wide-footed shoes