Black elevator shoes Luis + 7 cm


Casual elevator shoes, loafers in fine velour leather


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Men's loafers are very popular in recent times. They are comfortable slip-on shoes that look great against both casual and somewhat formal clothing. Conhpol brand has prepared fashionable men's penny loafers, made of pleasant-to-touch velour leather in black. 

The shoes are part of the brand's original collection of elevating shoes, providing a discreet effect of raising up to 7 cm. And all this is thanks to a special booster insole with a higher heel counter, which at the same time affects better stabilization of the foot and guarantees comfort while walking. The inner insole is soft and perfectly adapts to the foot.

Luis velour elevator loafers are everyday footwear that can be matched with jeans or fabric pants. The casual bottom performs well on city roads or office floors. Brown thread stitching on the upper part of the sole adds an aristocratic touch. Luis men's loafers are an interesting proposition for gentlemen who appreciate good quality and comfort. 

Suede or velour are they need proper care. Before using shoes made of these leathers, we advise you to use an impregnating agent, such as ANTIACQUA spray.

During use, take care of systematic cleaning from dust and salt. Use a dry sponge or natural bristle brush for cleaning. You can also use a cleaning block for suede and nubuck.

CARE SPRAY MULTI CARE will help refresh and revitalize the color. This will help you enjoy vibrant colors for longer.

For shoes made of natural leather (including suede and nubuck) use shoe trees, which will keep your shoes in shape for years to come. Meanwhile, a cotton or linen bag is a way to protect your shoes from the weather.

Męskie loafersy podwyższające

Loafers are a classic style of elevator shoes for men. Elevator loafers are the perfect choice for men who value an elegant and sophisticated style. These shoes not only discreetly add extra height, but they're also extremely comfortable to wear. The soft, contoured insole provides full comfort, while the high-quality materials ensure the shoes have a long lifespan. Made from the finest leather, they offer both a stylish look and comfort. They are ideal for both everyday wear and more formal occasions. Konopka Shoes offers a wide range of elegant loafer styles to choose from, suitable for different situations and occasions. Enhance your style and gain extra height with elevator loafers!

Męskie loafersy podwyższające