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Black elevator shoes Dustin +7 cm


Elegant elevator shoes, lacquered oxfords for men


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The Dustin formal shoes are classic elevating shoes for men looking for elegant oxford shoes for special occasions. The shoes are made of high-quality leather, and their original cut makes them an ornament of any formal styling.

Dustin men's shoes are distinguished by the lacquered leather on the tip and the perforated collar, which is an eye-catching and decorative detail of this model. Also noteworthy is the specially profiled insole that raises the height, adding up to 7 cm to the wearer. The manufacturer made sure that this element is discreet and completely invisible from the outside. The insole used inside the shoe provides stable support for the heel and full wearing comfort.

The timeless cut of the elevated shoes will go well with both a classic suit and refined styling. Dustin boots are an ideal choice for gentlemen who appreciate elegance and like to look good, especially during special occasions such as a wedding or a business meeting.

Shoes made of patent leather require gentle care. Use a soft cloth or a soft brush to clean them. Before applying any care product, make sure that there is no dirt left on the shoes (particles can scratch the paint).

For care, use a clear grease for leather - it levels scratches and protects against water penetration. Finally, it is worth polishing the varnish with a polishing glove.

Remember to use SHOE TREES when storing lacquered shoes, so they will retain their original cut for longer. And when putting them on, use a SHOE HORNS - they not only make them easier to dress, but also prevent bending and cracking.

Discreet elevation

A few extra centimeters in height can make a significant difference. The Conhpol collection of elevator shoes provides up to 7 additional centimeters. For gentlemen in search of the highest quality leather height increasing shoes, we have prepared a collection of specially designed footwear.

This type of footwear is perfect for men who want to look good while feeling comfortable. One of the biggest advantages of elevator shoes is their special construction, which allows for adding a few centimeters of height discreetly. The main feature that distinguishes elevator shoes is the higher heel, which conceals a soft and contoured insole, enabling all-day wear without discomfort. 

Men's leather elevator shoes are the perfect solution for both everyday wear and more formal occasions. Made of the highest quality leather, they are characterized by excellent finishing, making them very elegant and stylish. 

Discreet elevation