Beige loafers Julia


Lacquered women's shoes with gold embellishment

Conhpol Relax

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Elegant, beige women's loafers Julia are a classic model of footwear. A note of craziness is added by a large, gold ornament on the front. Despite its size, the buckle does not dominate the look. It creates a subtle combination of beige shade and light cut. The new model is a combination of comfort, good style, and timeless look. Women's shoes are made of top-quality full-grain leather. It has a profiled insole inside, which makes the comfort of use invaluable. The shoes have a wide, but not high, 2 cm heel. Stably supports the foot. The universal beige color fits perfectly to everyday stylizations. Women's loafers will be a perfect addition to urban stylizations. Shoes Julia will go well with classic office combinations with pants, simple dresses or more loosely with flowing skirts. Universal shoes for work, long walks, or shopping trips with friends

How to take care of varnished leather? First of all, be gentle. When putting on, use a SHOE HORNS - they not only make it easier to dress, but also prevent bending and cracking.

Soft flannel cloths that do not cause scratches or soft brushes will be a good choice for cleaning varnish from dirt. After mechanical cleaning, you can move on to the care phase. For this purpose, a protective product that protects against scratches and against water penetration - a colorless grease for leather - will be ideal. To boost the shine effect, you can use a polishing glove. Lacquered footwear should be stored with SHOE TREES, which help preserve the original cut.

Spring-Summer 2024 collection

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Spring-Summer 2024 collection