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Women's leather flip-flops on a super lightweight sole are great for summer

Conhpol Bis

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Transparent women's flip-flops with jewelry embellishment


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Women's flip-flops - for summer, special occasions and everyday wear!

Women's flip-flops - for summer, special occasions and everyday wear!

The summer season is the perfect opportunity to expose your feet a bit and wear fashionable and comfortable women's flip-flops made of leather or high-quality plastic. At Konopka Shoes you will find many pairs of flip-flops for summer, which will go well with summer dresses, short shorts or elegant ensembles made of linen, viscose and other lightweight materials. Check out what we have prepared for you today!

The collection of original women's flip-flops in the Konopka Shoes store consists of an assortment of various global brands. For ladies we recommend flip-flops for summer produced by well-known American, Brazilian, Spanish and, of course, Polish brands. 

Women's leather flip-flops

Elegant women's flip-flops made of natural leather are a necessary item in the closet for the warm seasons. Such shoes allow your feet to breathe and are a versatile addition to outfits of different styles. 

Black women's leather flip-flops will work well at exquisite parties, weddings, banquets and other celebrations that require festive attire. For sophisticated pants and a jacket or a longer dress, choose elegant women's leather flip-flops with a higher heel. An interesting option are leather mule flip-flops, which cover the toes, while having an open heel. They will be an ideal choice for wider pants sewn from lightweight fabrics. Natural materials, such as linen or cotton, will look great paired with women's leather flip-flops on heels, such as the Rota model from the Yokono brand. Natural leather combined with shades of brown and beige will result in a set close to nature.

Polish women's leather flip-flops from Conhpol brand

The Polish most numerous representation of summer footwear for ladies in our store falls to the Conhpol brand. Among the assortment of women's leather flip-flops for summer you will find products from the Conhpol Bis and Conhpol Relax lines, which will be a perfect complement to summer outfits. Extremely feminine, shapely and sewn from high-quality materials - these are footwear we heartily recommend! 

Women's flip-flops - for elegant outings

Elegant Polish women's flip-flops you can choose on a post, on an anchor or on a pretty low heel. For evening meetings with friends you can choose black flip-flops with embellishments - delicate crystals, silver glittering elements are accessories that will look very good in combination with an evening dress. An interesting option is also elegant women's flip-flops in gold. 

Flip-flops for work

Women's flip-flops for work should, above all, be very comfortable. We wear them to the place where we spend most of the whole day, so in addition to a nice design, it is worth betting on the comfort and durability of the material. Elegant flip-flops for work are so versatile that you can also wear them on holiday walks around town or to the beach. 

Flip-flops on a high heel

Elegant women's flip-flops on high heels are shoes that are popularly chosen for styling with long ethereal skirts. They also look good when paired with tailored pants, such as jeans and a loose blouse. Black flip-flops on a high heel will look beautiful in combination with a white outfit, as well as with vivid colors, such as an intense shade of pink. High-heeled flip-flops are a nice choice for short shorts, tops and summer dresses before the knee.

Heeled flip-flops

In the Konopka Shoes collection you will find various designs of women's heeled flip-flops. You can confidently choose from flip-flops with a low, small heel, but also with a thick heel such as a post. Black women's flip-flops are also available on an elegant stiletto heel, which makes them suitable for various evening occasions.

Women's flat flip-flops

For ladies who appreciate comfort in summer, we have prepared various types of women's flat flip-flops. Super-lightweight materials that are extremely resistant to deformation are suitable for long use in the summer season. A variety of colors and a variety of available designs will allow you to match something to your creations.

Flip-flops with covered toes

Not all of our customers like to walk with open toes. For them and for any other woman looking for a new design, we have prepared at Konopka Shoes elegant leather women's flip-flops with covered toes. They are an interesting solution for both sophisticated and slightly more everyday styling. Women's flip-flops with covered toes come in flat heels. Some of them, such as the Mollie flip-flops, have an additional jewelry decorative strap, which adds a kind of charm.

Women's black flip-flops

For every day and on holidays, on a flat heel, on a stiletto and on a post, leather and with soft inserts - you will find such black women's flip-flops in our online store. This color is extremely versatile, and most importantly, despite the dark color, black women's flip-flops still retain their lightness. You can successfully wear them with everyday creations, as well as with more formal ones.

Leather flip flops

Konopka Shoes also has no shortage of elegant flip-flops. Depending on the model, these women's flip-flops are made of natural leather, as well as Mel-Flex material. The latter material is characterized by the Melissa brand shoes, which, in addition to being comfortable, do not flare up the feet on hot days and are gentle on the skin, smell like bubble gum! The versatility of women's flip flops will certainly not escape your notice.