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Women's ballerinas - comfort and elegance in one shoe

Women's ballerinas - comfort and elegance in one shoe

Ballerinas - shoes whose domain is lightness and timeless cut. They fit a variety of styling, both less formal and formal. Discover women's ballerinas at Konopka Shoes and see how they can add subtlety and charm to your every day!

Leather ballerinas in a timeless style

Leather footwear is unparalleled in terms of comfort and durability. Due to the best quality of materials used in Konopka Shoes' assortment, you can be sure that your styling will remain high-class no matter the circumstances. Women's leather ballerinas are a comfortable and soft option that can fit virtually any foot. The natural leather of our ballerinas comes from reliable suppliers. As a result, you can find women's ballerinas made of natural grain leather, suede or velour. A real fashion must have in your closet may turn out to beige leather ballerinas, which are an ideal choice for the warmer months.

Suede ballerinas

One of the most interesting designs are suede leather ballerina shoes. They add gallantry to any autumn or spring styling. Women's suede ballerinas are an optimal complement to creations with a long skirt, but also with fabric ankle pants. With elegant women in mind, we designed footwear that is not completely flat. A few centimeter high (3-4 cm depending on the model) of our ballerinas allows them to be used also with formal outfits without losing a certain level of chicness. This type of ballerinas will find a great match with single-color outfits. Many people will certainly say that ballerinas are sensational shoes for work.

Comfortable ballerinas for every day

Women's ballerinas at Konopka Shoes are designed from natural material, which makes them soft and comfortable shoes. They can be worn with practically all comfortable everyday styles. The low heel gives you a chance to take longer walks without straining your whole legs. Whether heading to a business meeting or a social outing with a friend, lightweight ballerinas will add a delicate, ladylike touch to the whole outfit.

Exclusive women's ballerinas - elegant accessories to your outfit

Among the women's ballerinas available in our online store you will find extremely elegant models. Jewelry embellishments combined with high-quality material allow you to use such shoes even during evening outings. Elegant ballerinas are a comfortable option for tall women who do not need to add more centimeters with stilettos, but at the same time want to feel feminine and tasteful. This is also a good choice for any lady who does not stand still at work, and her industry requires a more formal dress code - in this situation elegant ballerinas will do very well!

Sports ballerinas - comfort at every step

We are well aware that for many Konopka Shoes customers, an important aspect in everyday life is movement. Whether you are a busy mom or commute to your work by bike, or walk a lot on the office floor - you need footwear that will be comfortable in any situation that requires dynamism. Sports ballerinas are the best answer to such requirements. The materials of the uppers, which can adapt perfectly to the given foot, lightweight soles resistant to abrasion - this is a combination that will give you not only freedom of movement, but also feminine confidence. 

Beige ballerinas - perfect for summer

Summer months are the time when we pull out lighter footwear from our closet. Women's beige ballerinas fit perfectly into the characteristics of outfits for warm and sunny weather. Airy dresses or short shorts - no matter which outfit you feel more comfortable in, ballerinas in light shades will nicely complement each of them.

Melissa ballerinas - fragrant and with open toes

A bestseller of recent seasons are fingerless ballerinas, which for obvious reasons are often chosen for summer styling. Models available at Konopka Shoes by Melissa are an unusual combination of comfortable, lightweight flat-heeled shoes with remarkable design. Decorated with a striking bow, they are made of a special material that... smells! This is a great option for women who appreciate non-standard solutions. You can wear open-toe ballerinas with summer dresses, airy skirts or jeans. They will go very impressively with any styling of pastel colors.

Women's ballerinas are a versatile and practical choice that fits many occasions. They are indispensable in every woman's closet - they combine comfort with softness and subtle style. Check now what ballerinas are waiting for you in the Konopka Shoes store offer!