Beige boots Kari


Women's winter boots made of natural velour leather


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Strong bottom and warm upper are the assets of the model of the Polish manufacturer. Kari beige boots are sure to attract the attention of women who appreciate functionality and durability of footwear.

The boots are made of very soft beige velour leather, which copes well with changing weather conditions and is easy to maintain. The ankle-length upper is insulated. In addition, the manufacturer has enriched the shoes with a protruding sheepskin, which not only provides warmth, but also contributes to the attractive appearance of the whole.

It is worth noting the sole, which looks massive and provides good cushioning, but at the same time is very light, so you walk really well in the boots. The Kari model is distinguished by the fact that it is wide at the toe, so it does not compress even when walking for a long time. The zipper makes it easier to dress the boots and promotes a better fit to the foot. 

Kari's lace-up beige boots are a very interesting model that will work as everyday footwear even for the cold winter.

Before using suede/nubuck leather shoes, apply ANTIACQUA waterproofing spray.

Use a dry sponge or natural bristle brush to clean the suede leather. You can also use a suede and nubuck cleaning block.

To refresh and revitalize the color, try RAVVIVANT spray.

Use shoe trees for natural leather shoes, which will keep your shoes in their original form for years to come. A cotton or linen pouch is a way to protect your shoes from the weather while keeping them moist and air permeable.

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