Beige flip-flops Francis


Beige flip-flops made of natural grain leather

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The beige flip-flops Francis are made from premium grain leather.

This subtle color goes well with a variety of styles, making the flip-flops a great addition to your summer closet. 

The elastic and soft bottom of the shoes makes them extremely comfortable and adapt to the movements of the foot. They are ideal for summer walks, the beach or casual gatherings, where comfort becomes as important as style. These flip-flops are sure to become a favorite footwear for everyday activities.

However, it is the padding, characterized by extraordinary softness and comfort, that gives the flip-flops their unique character. The foam used under the padding makes wearing these flip-flops a real pleasure for the feet, and every step is light and effortless. 

Beige flip-flops are great for different circumstances. They match perfectly with summer dresses, skirts or shorts, creating stylish and casual combinations. Their versatility, these flip-flops are suitable for various occasions, from relaxed moments to more formal meetings, adding style to any summer outfit.

Faced leather requires little care. Before the first use, it's a good idea to impregnate your shoes against adverse weather conditions. Try ANTIACQUA impregnating spray for this.

During use, clean the shoes from dust or mud with a brush. This is important especially in winter - when shoes are exposed to salt. With a cloth soaked in warm water, remove the remains of old waterproofing agents. For more persistent dirt, use a NATURAL LEATHER CLEANER.

Apply a shoe care spray to the cleaned shoes, which refreshes the color of the shoes, treats the leather and protects it.

Finally, polish the shoes with a polishing glove to make them shine.

To keep your shoes in impeccable shape for a long time, it's a good idea to use shoe trees. And at the end of the season hide the shoes in a cotton or linen bag.

Spring-Summer 2024 collection

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Spring-Summer 2024 collection