Black & white loafers Julia


Black and white women's loafers in soft patent leather

Conhpol Relax


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Lacquered loafers Julia are an exceptional addition to women's slip-on footwear, created with the idea of combining the latest fashion trends with unparalleled comfort. Produced in Poland by the renowned brand Conhpol Relax, they guarantee the highest quality and special attention to detail.

These unique loafers made of patent leather exude elegance and distinctive finishing. The interior of the upper draws attention with a black-and-white leather insert with a modern print, giving the whole a remarkable character and introducing a fresh touch of modernity. The wider sole not only adds aesthetics to the shoes but also visually reduces the foot, making it look graceful.

The construction of these loafers, made from extremely soft leather, ensures a stylish appearance and unique comfort. The contoured insole enhances user comfort, providing support for the feet even during prolonged wear. The flexible and soft sole makes moving in these loafers a true pleasure.

Black patent leather loafers Julia are not just a fashionable accessory but also a practical choice for everyday wear. The subtle heel adds a feminine charm without sacrificing comfort. They pair perfectly with both pants and dresses, making them incredibly versatile.

Emphasize your individuality by choosing shoes that not only make every step elegant but also support local production. Discover unforgettable experiences with the highest quality natural patent leather, opting for a combination of style, elegance, and comfort.

Shoes made of patent leather require gentle care. Use a soft cloth or a soft brush to clean them. Before applying any care product, make sure that there is no dirt left on the shoes (particles can scratch the paint).

For care, use a clear grease for leather - it levels scratches and protects against water penetration. Finally, it is worth polishing the varnish with a polishing glove.

Remember to use SHOE TREES when storing lacquered shoes, so they will retain their original cut for longer. And when putting them on, use a SHOE HORNS - they not only make them easier to dress, but also prevent bending and cracking.

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