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Low Heels

Low leather stilettos | Polish manufacturer Conhpol | Konopka Shoes

Pink pumps Jackie


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Women's classic patent leather pumps Jackie on a small post

Conhpol Relax

Price €25.00
Regular price €87.50

Low stilettos

Low stilettos

Low-heeled stilettos are a comfortable option for women who need an elegant finish to their styling, but at the same time want to feel comfortable regardless of the occasion. High-heeled ladies will also enjoy using such shoes. At Konopka Shoes we give you a wide selection of various women's low stilettos. You will find interesting cuts and colors to suit your requirements.

Low leather stilettos 

In the collections of Konopka Shoes store we present low stilettos made of leather of very high quality. Most of the shoes we offer are made of good grades of natural leather. In the case of low stilettos, full grain leather and patent leather reign supreme, but suede also appears. In addition, many models are additionally decorated with jewelry: buckles, small shiny stones add charm and allow you to wear many cuts also for evening outfits. Low-heeled leather stilettos will work well in casual styling, they will match jeans or fabric pants, but also beautifully complement sets of cocktail clothes - summer dresses and skirts.

Among the models available at Konopka Shoes you will find leather low stilettos both with the construction of pumps and sandals. You can also choose designs with only an exposed heel. These types of low stilettos are a hit during the summer! The leather from which they are sewn allows your feet to breathe, and comfortable insoles ensure comfort even when wearing them for a long time.

Stilettos with a heel height of 6 cm

Uniqueness, style and chic - this is how to describe the beautiful low stilettos with a heel of 6 cm, which are available at Konopka Shoes. For special occasions, we offer you gold Jackie stilettos by Conhpol Relax. They are made of high-quality grain leather and have a very comfortable heel. Even if you buy them because you are just getting ready for some important event, you don't have to worry that they will lie in the closet unused. Their comfort will make you want to wear them every day, and you'll certainly find the right outfit for them. A long skirt in a light color, or maybe black pants with a halter top? The choice is yours!

In addition to this pair of shoes, noteworthy is the Italian brand Alma En Pena, whose leather stilettos with a heel of 6.5 cm will work well for matching outfits for everyday, but also for festive occasions.  

Stilettos 7 cm - add some height to yourself!

As is well known, women's stilettos even on a low heel slenderize the leg, which makes them the footwear of choice for many women. In the offer of our store there is no shortage of stilettos with a heel of 7 cm. Are you looking for footwear that is versatile and elegant at the same time? Do you want stilettos that will be comfortable, you will wear them to a family party, a wedding, a communion, but also work well at business meetings? Varia stilettos in brown will be an interesting option. Their pointed toe noses add to their gallantry, and the convenient clasp allows you to freely wear them to different styles. 

Black low stilettos

Do you work in an office, do you often go to business meetings that require a certain dress code? Black stilettos with a low heel is a proposal for you! Universal color matching many outfits makes such footwear you will wear many times on different occasions. Black stilettos with a low heel are a must-have in the closet of every elegant woman!

Beige low heel stilettos

Pastel colors of women's low stilettos, including all kinds of beiges, are a fashion must have when you complete your closet for the spring and summer months. These shades go beautifully with lightweight clothes. Wear them with airy dresses, but also with elegant suits. 

Evening shoes with low heels

Special occasions call for special shoes, so: silver, gold, or maybe... crystal? Designs of fashionable low-heeled shoes at Konopka Shoes give you a wide field to show off and spark your creativity. Choose a unique model that will perfectly complement, but also emphasize the creation with an evening dress or formal outfit in the lead role. What to choose? Depending on your outfit, you can opt for a cut with a metallic finish or bet on lacquered stilettos with a low heel.

Elegant women's low-heeled shoes for a wedding

For a wedding, choose low stiletto heels with a strap. They will comfortably accompany you in the fun on the dance floor until dawn! The strap will effectively protect your foot from uncontrolled slipping out, so you will ensure your comfort for the whole night. Special insoles, which you will find in many models of shoes available from us, will further increase the feeling of comfort and with one pair of stilettos you will be the queen of the dance floor!

Where to buy nice low stilettos? As you can see, Konopka Shoes collections are equipped with footwear for everyone and as much as possible you will find low stilettos in our women's shoes category. A variety of designs and materials used allow you to choose something suitable. Do you need black or maybe colorful low stilettos? Make yourself comfortable in our store and let yourself be charmed by our branded shoes!

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