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High heels

High leather stilettos | Polish manufacturer Conhpol | Konopka Shoes
Beige high heels Daisy, Conhpol Bis - Polish production, High heels, BI0307-02, Konopka Shoes Beige high heels Daisy, Conhpol Bis - Polish production, High heels, BI0307-02, Konopka Shoes
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Visiting women's stilettos made of grain leather with a thin heel Daisy perfect for elegant dresses

Conhpol Bis

Price €50.00
Regular price €100.00
Orange pumps Riley, Alma en Pena, High heels, AM0002-03, Konopka Shoes Orange pumps Riley, Alma en Pena, High heels, AM0002-03, Konopka Shoes
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Orange pumps Riley


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Elegant pumps with open heel and jewelry applique

Alma en Pena

Price €112.50
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High stilettos

High stilettos

They are a symbol of femininity and sex appeal. In many evening creations they are a kind of icing on the cake. We are talking about women's high-heeled stilettos. Konopka Shoes store collections present classic high stilettos, which will not only catch the eye of men, but, above all, will be adored by their owners!

Black leather stilettos 8 cm - what to wear with?

Classic black stilettos are a sensational complement to both business outfits and those for big outings. Theater, opera, banquet or exquisite party - here, surely, each lady will feel comfortable in such footwear. High leather stilettos are worth wearing with a dress. Models with a classic cut of the upper, as in pumps, slenderize the legs, so they will be suitable for skirts of any length. They will also work great with outfits with pants. 

Classic and elegant - bet on black high stilettos!

Konopka Shoes offers a variety of women's high stilettos in black. We particularly recommend the Selina model from the Conhpol Bis brand. Elegance and original finish with a snake skin structure make this shoe have many followers, who willingly wear them on various occasions and in various combinations - with material pants, but also with long skirts.

Comfortable women's stilettos with a height of 8 cm

High stilettos - how to walk in them?

Stilettos 9 cm in different colors: black, beige, ecru, gold.Where to buy very high stilettos? We invite you to the Konopka Shoes store, where you will find various models of such shoes, which you will adapt to the occasion and the rest of your outfit. Black stilettos are undoubtedly a timeless element of a woman's closet. However, it is sometimes worth going crazy with the color scheme and bet on different colors. All sorts of beige, yellow or pink will work great as part of a spring or summer outfit, based on an airy dress or pastel suit. Stilettos of gray, brown, navy blue, but also those going more into ecru shades will find their way into the business dress code and formal meetings.

High lacquered stilettos - shine!

For special outings you can opt for high stiletto shoes made of patent leather. The shiny upper will make you shine in company too! The shine on the stilettos will be a good accompaniment to single-color outfits. Black high lacquered stilettos are worth wearing with white clothes, but also match them with dynamic colors or pastels. In the offer of Konopka Shoes you will get timeless designs of lacquered stilettos. Looking through the available products, pay attention to the Daisy model - minimalism, comfort and chic hidden in one pair of shoes!

Pins 8 cm with strap

Our product range is also rich in models with buckles. Fancy straps not only provide comfort to the foot, which is finally stably connected to the shoe, but also give sensational visual effects. High stilettos with a strap are available both in sandal form, where the clasp surrounds the ankle, but you can also meet with stilettos with full noses, but without a heel - then the clasp with a buckle rests on the back of the foot. Such a solution is characterized by delicacy and adds lightness, and even optically slims the foot.

In Konopka Shoes there are also models of high stilettos with a clasp resembling a binding. In their case, thin straps are usually crossed, thus giving an original design to such stilettos.

Black suede stilettos with a height of 8 cm

Suede footwear is a good option for less formal outings, although it is also an elegant and stylish choice. Suede high stilettos, available at Konopka Shoes, are high-value products made by true enthusiasts! If you choose this type of shoes, keep in mind some tips for their care. This will ensure that the deep black of the suede will look the same for a long time.

What can I do to make my stilettos always look like new?

Stilettos are often worn to various dance parties. After playing all night at a wedding or other party, you may notice that scratches have appeared on the shoes. This is a sign of definitely a good time, but also a signal to waterproof the shoes decently. Keep this in mind when using any type of stilettos. Of course, suede leather will require different care than patent or grain leather. Suede can wear out over time, so to prevent this, it is advisable to properly care for your stilettos before and after use. The use of preparations designed for a specific type of material will extend the life of our shoes and make them look like new for many seasons.