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Shoes for narrow feet

Leather shoes for narrow foot | Konopka Shoes
Pink sandals Nora, Sandals, LZ0005-01, Konopka Shoes Pink sandals Nora, Sandals, LZ0005-01, Konopka Shoes
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Original women's leather stiletto boots with decorative tassels

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Women's shoes for a narrow foot

Women's shoes for a narrow foot

Not every foot will feel the same in the same shoes. Owners of narrow feet have sometimes found this out. For custom sizes are usually simply too wide. So where to buy shoes for a narrow foot? We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of the Konopka Shoes store. Among our products you will find women's shoes for a narrow foot. How to recognize them? In the information about a particular product, look for the symbol of the F-flatness. What does it mean?

Shoes with an F-flatness

Typical shoes are most often sewn according to a certain standard width, which in the current scale is specified by the letter G. You will probably encounter such shoes in stores most often. However, you may also come across other letters: F, F ½, H, etc. While we tell you exactly what shoe densities are and how they are measured in the blog, we will now focus primarily on these first letter symbols of densities, namely F and F ½. 

The F shoe's denier tells us that the product was made for a person who has a narrow foot. Using figurative language, we can say that the footwear's denier determines how much interior space a particular shoe will have. In other words: a wider foot will need a bigger denier, while a narrow foot will need a smaller denier.

What, then, does the F ½ shoe's dampness mean? Analogous to size, which actually means the length of the shoe, halves are a designation half the value at which they occur. A shoe with an F ½ shoe rump will therefore be wider than a shoe with an F rump. The markings for the size of the width apply to half-shoes as well as stilettos, pumps and other women's shoes, as well as men's shoes.

Stilettos for a narrow foot 

In the Konopka Shoes store's offer, you will find products that are signed with the F, as well as F ½, tenure. Among heeled shoes for a narrow foot, stilettos are quite popular. The F-flatness, which they have, gives a chance for women with small and narrow feet to wear such footwear as well. Gold Varia stilettos by Conhpol Bis can be a beautiful complement to many festive outfits. You can wear them with elegant pants, but also with dresses - even a wedding dress can be enriched with such a footwear accessory!

Sandals for a narrow foot

Warmer seasons call for a slightly different approach to composing outfits. It is such a time when you can finally show more of your body, including your legs. For a variety of creations in spring and summer, ladies like to choose heeled sandals. Here, however, a problem may arise. In taller sandals with a standard tenon, the narrow foot can tend to run away, which is neither aesthetically pleasing nor comfortable. Therefore, it's worth looking around for women's sandals for a slim foot, preferably with an F-gauge designation. 

In the Konopka Shoes store you will find such sandals for a narrow foot, which are made of the highest quality natural leather. Conhpol Bis brand has produced a beautiful, delicate and very feminine Maja II model in this regard. These leather women's sandals for a very narrow foot are a minimalist proposal for ladies who value stability and comfort while maintaining a charming design. The stiletto heel adds lightness to these sandals, making them perfect for pairing with an airy summer dress.

Women's shoes - F-gauge

Cossacks, boots, or maybe shoes? In the collections of Konopka Shoes there are various designs of shoes for a narrow foot. An interesting choice from the group of shoes may be Tania loafers. A leather, classic model, which was created for women who like proven forms. These women's half-shoes are extremely comfortable, have a delicate color and fit into a variety of casual styling. You can wear them both with a skirt and with pants.

Narrow-footed pumps ideal for everyday wear

The F ½ tenon pumps, which are in the assortment of our store and are worth keeping in mind if you have a narrow foot, are the suede Abel model by Lizard. These are brown pumps on a post with a rather simple cut. You can successfully wear them on slightly cooler days, with an autumn skirt or suit. They will also work well when paired with jeans. Their comfortable interior and preservation of stability give a great sense of comfort during use.

Comfort when wearing shoes regardless of the occasion and regardless of the type of foot should be the same. That's why in Konopka Shoes' assortment you will find shoes for a narrow foot with an F tenon. We assure you of the highest quality of the offered footwear, both from the side of the materials used and the way of finishing. Explore our collections today!