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Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots, Conhpol - Polish production since 1978, Konopka Shoes
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Autumn-winter men's full grain leather chelsea boots with decorative thick sole


Price €100.00
Regular price €150.00

Men's chelsea boots shoes are a stylish choice for gentlemen who appreciate an elegant look, but do not like to waste time on binding or fasteners. Shelsea boots are slip-on shoes, characterized by a higher upper. Special elastics are usually sewn into the sides of the shoes to make them easier to put on and fit the foot.

Men's chelsea boots shoes are a stylish choice for gentlemen who appreciate an elegant look, but do not like to waste time on binding or fasteners. Shelsea boots are slip-on shoes, characterized by a higher upper. Special elastics are usually sewn into the sides of the shoes to make them easier to put on and fit the foot.

Elegant men's chelsea boots are a type of footwear that was inspired by a style originating in 19th century England. Such shoes were initially worn by the aristocracy, but quickly penetrated the world markets, where they became popular with the rest of society. Currently, it is a type of footwear readily chosen by men with a good sense of style.


Comfortable and versatile leather men's sneakers


Slip-on sneakers for men, which are the leather sneakers, are great for both autumn and winter. This is a versatile footwear that can be matched with any styling, although they are most often worn with smart casual outfits or smart clothing. However, there is nothing to prevent you from choosing the chelsea boots as casual shoes. The high upper with a rubber insert looks great against both jeans and suit pants.

In the Konopka Shoes store we offer men's chelsea boots for autumn and winter, made of high quality grain leather. We strive to ensure that all elements of the footwear are made with the utmost care. As a result, our customers can count on comfortable shoes that will perform well on any type of surface. We rely on soft inner lining to provide comfort to the foot and a durable, abrasion-resistant sole. We offer the sable boots in a variety of styles and colors. We encourage all gentlemen looking for durable and elegant shoes to browse the store's assortment.

Men's leather chelsea boots as a complement to various styles


Every man should think about equipping his closet with leather chelsea boots. Why? The main advantage of these shoes is their simple cut, which makes them one of the most practical men's shoes for autumn. They are great for complementing casual and elegant styling, so you can use them for any occasion. 

Men's leather chelsea boots are all-season shoes that will work well whatever the weather. Made carefully from durable materials, they will perfectly cope with moisture, wind and frost. Men's chelsea boots , offered at Konopka Shoes, are distinguished by the use of robust leather, resistant to deformation and weather conditions. We also make sure that each piece is equipped with an outsole that does not abrade and cushions uneven ground. Our slip-on men's boots can be used both as footwear for the office and for city roads. They are great for walking and business meetings as an accessory to a suit.

What kind of men's chelsea boots to choose?


By far the best option will be to choose shoes made of natural leather. This is a proven material that provides the foot with adequate air circulation, protecting against overheating and chafing. Moreover, leather always looks nice. When choosing winter men's chelsea boots , it is worth paying attention to the insulation. Some models in our store are equipped with an additional layer that provides thermal comfort. chelsea boots without warming also protect against the cold, although not to such a great extent. The high upper shields the ankle, keeping wind and moisture out of the shoe. 

In our store you will find classic men's chelsea boots with a timeless cut. Such models are perfect for both everyday and evening styling. Men, looking for something with a more casual look, can bet on suede men's chelsea boots , which go well with jeans. Konopka Shoes offers a wide selection of interesting models. Each of them is distinguished by a design refined in detail, so you have the opportunity to enjoy elegant shoes that provide comfort in any situation.

Fashionable styling with the addition of men's leather chelsea boots


Due to their great versatility, men's leather leather chelsea boots can be combined with a wide range of styles. They may not be shoes that will match sports tracksuits, but they will already look quite interesting with cotton chino pants. They can also be composed with tailored pants, and not only plain ones, but also checked or striped ones. When creating a styling, which is to be complemented by men's smooth leather or suede chelsea boots , it is worth paying attention to the length of the pants. The leg should not be too long - it can fall freely over the shoes, creating at most one kink. 

Men's chelsea boots are footwear that look great with an autumn or winter coat, regardless of the fabric it is made of. Smart casual styles, such as simple jeans and a stylish shirt, will look nice when complemented with suede or grain leather chelsea boots. In autumn and winter, you can choose slip-on men's boots to go with any smart casual outfit.

Men's leather chelsea boots at Konopka Shoes - check out our offer!


Men who are looking for versatile shoes for autumn or winter should pay attention to men's leather chelsea boots. This type of footwear not only looks great, but also there is no problem with putting them on. There is no need to tire with fastening buckles or tying laces. 

Men's chelsea boots are popular among gentlemen for whom, in addition to good style, comfort and functionality of the shoe are also important. Many men are looking for footwear that will work not only with festive outfits, but will also present itself nicely with everyday clothing. Konopka Shoes' leather chelsea boots use the highest quality raw materials, which affect the quality of each available piece. In our offer you will find classic, black chelsea boots for autumn, as well as shoes made of grain leather in a shade of brown, which goes well with gray. If you care about combining quality workmanship with comfort of use, trust us and choose the right model of shoes for you. 

The men's shoes of the sable type, which you will buy in the Konopka Shoes store, are an exceptionally tasteful combination of comfort and elegance. We offer footwear made of high-quality natural leather, which will serve for a long time. A large selection of various models, from classic to extravagant, means that even the most demanding customers will find something for themselves. We have models in the most popular universal colors chosen by men: black, brown, beige and navy blue, and for men who like original solutions we offer chelsea boots in a fashionable shade of bottle green.

Characteristic elements of these long-standing popular men's shoes are the raised upper and thicker sole, making them ideal for the transitional and winter seasons. Classic sable boots do not have laces or a zipper, and thanks to the elastic insert on the sides, putting them on is very easy and fast.

chelsea boots are so popular among men, because they are timeless footwear and fit both elegant and more casual styling. They look good not only with suit pants, but also with chinos and even jeans. 

Men's leather chelsea boots

Men's leather chelsea boots , available at Konopka Shoes, are high-quality footwear made from high-quality, natural materials. In the wide assortment you can find both more classic models, made of grain leather, and soft suede chelsea boots , giving lightness to the styling. 

Beige men's chelsea boots

Beige-colored chelsea boots are ideal for smart casual styling. Our customers are keen on models in this warm shade, which go well with many other colors. Beige chelsea boots matched with navy blue smart pants is one combination that will work perfectly.

Black men's chelsea boots

For years, black colored sablets have been very popular among men. It is a timeless shade that goes with everything, so it is no wonder that men often choose it. Deciding on black leather men's chelsea boots , our customers get a classic pair of shoes that will serve them for a long time and will be a perfect complement to many different styles. 

Brown men's chelsea boots

Another timeless solution will be the chelsea boots in shades of brown. Models in this category go well with most styles, and the warm color of the footwear allows you to give the whole styling a pleasant character. Both brown leather and suede versions of the chelsea boots will look good. 

Elegant men's chelsea boots

Depending on the chosen model of chelsea boots, we can create more or less elegant styling. In the Konopka Shoes store we can find a wide selection of tasteful men's chelsea boots , made of high-quality natural leather. Beautifully presented lacquered models will be an ideal choice as shoes for a suit. 

Men's suede chelsea boots

Deciding on suede chelsea boots , we can get a more casual and lightweight look than in the case of grain leather models. Suede men's chelsea boots will work well both in smart casual styling and in combination with jeans. Such leather is characterized by great softness, so suede chelsea boots are very comfortable shoes. Men's chelsea boots on a thick sole

chelsea boots on a flat, thick sole are a solution for comfort. In typical winter models, the sole is slightly more elevated and has a tread, which guarantees greater stability and prevents slipping on wet or snowy surfaces. 

Men's chelsea boots for different seasons

Depending on the season, we offer shoes for men in a variety of models, suitable for both transitional temperatures and cold weather. Thus, in our store customers will find spring and autumn, as well as winter men's chelsea boots. The uninsulated models we offer are ideal for the transitional period, i.e. autumn and spring. For the winter time, it is worthwhile to choose the chelsea boots with an insulating insert.