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Brown, classic Bruce men's derby shoes are a must-have in a man's closet. This is a proposal of footwear for gentlemen looking for discreetly elevating shoes with a universal and formal character for special and casual occasions. Men's elegant shoes, ideal for a classic suit, during business meetings, weddings and less formal gatherings where, however, gentle elegance applies. The lining, upper and interior of the shoe are made of sturdy natural leather. Bruce men's shoes perfectly fit the feet and provide extraordinary comfort Thanks to the collection of "heightening shoes", the customer has the opportunity to gain an additional 7 cm in height, through the use of a unique shoe design, which from the outside is completely invisible. The insole used inside with a higher heel counter provides a proven and stable hold on the heel. This technology ensures and guarantees satisfaction and comfort of use.

Before the first use, it is a good idea to impregnate grain leather shoes against adverse weather conditions. Use ANTIACQUA preparation for this. Clean shoes from dust or mud with a fine brush. Particularly in the weaving of winter, this is especially important because the shoes are exposed to salt.

Before moving on to further care, remove the remains of old waterproofing with a cloth soaked in warm water. And for more persistent dirt, use a grain leather remover.

For clean shoes, use a care spray that refreshes the color and conditions the leather, protecting it.

Polish your shoes with a polishing glove to make them shine.

Discreet elevation

A few extra centimeters in height can make a significant difference. The Conhpol collection of elevator shoes provides up to 7 additional centimeters. For gentlemen in search of the highest quality leather height increasing shoes, we have prepared a collection of specially designed footwear.

This type of footwear is perfect for men who want to look good while feeling comfortable. One of the biggest advantages of elevator shoes is their special construction, which allows for adding a few centimeters of height discreetly. The main feature that distinguishes elevator shoes is the higher heel, which conceals a soft and contoured insole, enabling all-day wear without discomfort. 

Men's leather elevator shoes are the perfect solution for both everyday wear and more formal occasions. Made of the highest quality leather, they are characterized by excellent finishing, making them very elegant and stylish. 

Discreet elevation