Navy blue elevator sneakers Xavier +6 cm


Elevator shoes navy blue, men's shoes sneakers, natural leather

Conhpol Dynamic

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Navy blue men's sneakers from the elevating collection are one of the most fashionable models of casual shoes.

Classic sneakers will prove themselves not only in summer, but also in autumn or spring. Fashionable navy blue sports shoes on a white sole, were made by the Polish brand Conhpol Dynamic from the highest quality natural velour leather, providing comfort for many hours of use.

The insole used inside the shoe, combined with the bottom of the shoe, raises the height up to 6 cm (the height of the raise depends on the size).

Before using suede/nubuck leather shoes, apply ANTIACQUA waterproofing spray.

Use a dry sponge or natural bristle brush to clean the suede leather. You can also use a suede and nubuck cleaning block.

To refresh and revitalize the color, try CARE SPRAY MULTI CARE .

Use shoe trees for natural leather shoes, which will keep your shoes in their original form for years to come. A cotton or linen pouch is a way to protect your shoes from the weather while keeping them moist and air permeable.

Men's elevator sneakers

With Conhpol's men's elevator sneakers, you can discreetly gain additional centimeters in height! These sporty style shoes not only elongate your silhouette, but also provide comfort during wear. The soft, contoured insole ensures full comfort. Made of high-quality leather, these sneakers offer both a stylish appearance and comfort, making them perfect for an active lifestyle. Konopka Shoes' selection includes a variety of different sporty style models that are suitable for various situations and occasions. Emphasize your individual style and feel comfortable with Conhpol's height-increasing sneakers!

Men's elevator sneakers