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Navy blue shoes Timo


Lace-up shoes in fine nubuck leather, sneakers ideal for urban style

Conhpol Dynamic

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The presented Casual Timo shoes, designed by Conhpol Dynamic, are a great solution for men who put comfort above all else. Made of high-quality materials, they take care of the feet and prevent unnecessary abrasions. The addition of leather elements in brown makes them look very attractive. Timo shoes are extremely comfortable footwear. The combination of a smooth structure on the back of the shoe and the use of a dotted pattern on the front, gives the shoes originality and modern chic. They suit casual styling, but you can also wear them with something more elegant, such as a jacket.

Suede or velour are they need proper care. Before using shoes made of these leathers, we advise you to use an impregnating agent, such as ANTIACQUA spray.

During use, take care of systematic cleaning from dust and salt. Use a dry sponge or natural bristle brush for cleaning. You can also use a cleaning block for suede and nubuck.

CARE SPRAY MULTI CARE will help refresh and revitalize the color. This will help you enjoy vibrant colors for longer.

For shoes made of natural leather (including suede and nubuck) use shoe trees, which will keep your shoes in shape for years to come. Meanwhile, a cotton or linen bag is a way to protect your shoes from the weather.

Men's sneakers - the perfect shoes for any season

Choosing the perfect men's sneakers can be a difficult task, but there are several factors to consider. Quality! When you choose sneakers at Konopka Shoes, you can be sure that they are shoes made of the best materials, made with artisanal precision. Comfort! Well-fitted cut, proper contouring, soft insole - these are just some wide range of amenities you will find in Conhpol Dynamic sneakers. Stylish look. Cut, color - the choice of possibilities is huge. Choose sports shoes that will meet your expectations.

Men's sneakers - the perfect shoes for any season