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Casual suede slip-on shoes with a decorative choker


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Black men's loafers made of exceptionally soft suede leather. One of the most popular cuts in the spring-summer season. Decorations in the form of a choker and subtle stitching on the tip create a beautiful whole. Created for smart casual style. Versatile, they go perfectly with fabric pants, a blazer and a smart polo shirt. Loafers, which are often confused with moccasins, differ primarily in the way they are sewn. A delicate 2 cm heel ensures maximum comfort during use. Innovative stitching on the sole with black thread adds a distinctive character. Hugo men's loafers will satisfy the most demanding tastes of customers.

Before using suede/nubuck leather shoes, apply ANTIACQUA waterproofing spray.

Use a dry sponge or natural bristle brush to clean the suede leather. You can also use a suede and nubuck cleaning block.

To refresh and revitalize the color, try CARE SPRAY MULTI CARE .

Use shoe trees for natural leather shoes, which will keep your shoes in their original form for years to come. A cotton or linen pouch is a way to protect your shoes from the weather while keeping them moist and air permeable.

Moccasins - stylish and comfortable

Moccasins - are men's shoes for any occasion. In the Konopka Shoes product line you will find a choice of men's moccasins made of natural leather by Conhpol. They are distinguished by high-quality craftsmanship and elegant, classic style, which perfectly suits many occasions. The best materials ensure high quality, and durability. The flexible, non-slip sole provides comfort in use. Timeless design - simple, classic silhouette fits many styling. Remember, moccasins are the kings of summer holiday outfits, those elegant and more casual.

Moccasins - stylish and comfortable