Brown loafers Liliana


Women's slip-on loafers in brown suede leather with soft moulded insole

Conhpol Relax

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The classics defend themselves. Brown women's loafers Liliana is a model that does not need much to impress. The delicate upper made of natural suede leather was set on a stable 2.5 cm heel. The only decoration is a patch located in the middle part of the shoe. The shoes will be perfect for work, for an afternoon walk on a warm day, as well as for a movie with friends. The universal brown color will match most of the styles in your closet, so the problem with the right combination disappears forever. The slim cut of the footwear will add lightness to the whole silhouette. Women's brown loafers you can use almost all year round, from early spring until the end of the warm autumn. Suede shoes with an almond toe are chic at its best. The footwear impresses with its classic design and supreme comfort, so that many hours of using them is sheer pleasure.

Suede or velour are they need proper care. Before using shoes made of these leathers, we advise you to use an impregnating agent, such as ANTIACQUA spray.

During use, take care of systematic cleaning from dust and salt. Use a dry sponge or natural bristle brush for cleaning. You can also use a cleaning block for suede and nubuck.

CARE SPRAY MULTI CARE will help refresh and revitalize the color. This will help you enjoy vibrant colors for longer.

For shoes made of natural leather (including suede and nubuck) use shoe trees, which will keep your shoes in shape for years to come. Meanwhile, a cotton or linen bag is a way to protect your shoes from the weather.

Spring-Summer 2024 collection

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Spring-Summer 2024 collection