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Women's bubble gum scented sandals perfect for summer


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Nude women's sandals made of soft and bubble gum-smelling material. Fantastic bow decoration adds charm. What is the most important? The footwear is made of environmentally friendly material. The sandals in a light beige color fit perfectly in the spring-summer season. The universal color will match most of your outfits. A delicate heel and soft inside insole makes you fall in love with Meliisa shoes at first sight, or rather assumption. Delicate and romantic sandals are a MUST HAVE of the coming season.

Spring-Summer 2024 collection

Explore Konopka Shoes' new spring-summer collection, a fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary aesthetics. Meticulously blending classic sophistication with avant-garde patterns, our designs set the tone for the season's trends. 

Prioritizing both striking visual appeal and utmost quality, each model is a masterpiece, radiating attention to detail. Tailored for fashion enthusiasts with discerning taste, this collection promises exceptional, stylish footwear. 

Immerse yourself in refined beauty and express your uniqueness through Konopka Shoes' extraordinary offerings.

Spring-Summer 2024 collection