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White-purple women's sneakers, Simone, inspired by the latest fashion trends, are not only exceptionally stylish but also incredibly comfortable. This model, featuring a wide toe box, is designed for maximum comfort during long walks, travels, or social gatherings with friends. The uniqueness of this footwear lies in the unique combination of materials and colors.

The upper part of the shoe and the heel are made of soft purple suede natural leather, giving it a stylish character. Contrasting inserts made of white and shades of purple leather add a dynamic and fashionable look to the shoes.

The interior of the sneakers is lined with delicate beige natural leather, providing not only an aesthetic appearance but also pleasant wearing comfort. The leather lining contributes to proper foot ventilation, maintaining a feeling of freshness even during longer activities.

The sole of the shoes, made of high-quality white material, is not only a fashionable element but also ensures excellent cushioning and stability. Thanks to the higher profile of the sole, these shoes are perfect for daily walks, providing optimal support for the feet.

They blend perfectly with both casual and more elegant styles, making them an excellent addition to every woman's wardrobe.

Suede or velour are they need proper care. Before using shoes made of these leathers, we advise you to use an impregnating agent, such as ANTIACQUA spray.

Use a dry sponge or natural bristle brush to clean the suede leather. You can also use a suede and nubuck cleaning block.

Full-grain leather requires little care. However, for combination leather, you need to be careful and use a universal care product. Try MULTI CARE spray for this, which cares for and protects footwear and restores a vibrant shade and fresh look.

Spring-Summer 2024 collection

Explore Konopka Shoes' new spring-summer collection, a fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary aesthetics. Meticulously blending classic sophistication with avant-garde patterns, our designs set the tone for the season's trends. 

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Spring-Summer 2024 collection