Elevator casual shoes

Leather elevator shoes - 7 cm higher, Conhpol - Polish production since 1978, Konopka Shoes
Black elevator shoes Bruce +7 cm, Conhpol - Polish production, Elevator shoes, CH6287-01, Konopka Shoes
Black elevator shoes Bruce +7 cm, Conhpol - Polish production, Elevator shoes, CH6287-01, Konopka Shoes
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Elevator shoes black men's shoes, elegant derby, natural leather


Price €112.50
Regular price €137.50

Why should you wear everyday heightening shoes?

Why should you wear everyday heightening shoes?

Did you know that by choosing casual shoes that add height, you can gain as much as 7 extra centimeters? That's a lot! Remember to straighten up and adopt a confident posture - this will complete the effect.

The height of the shoes e offer does not compromise comfort in any way. You can wear your daily elevation shoes for many hours without any strain on your feet.

Such shoes are extremely discreet. You gain 6 or 7 extra centimeters of height, but no one knows about it. You present yourself completely naturally, because the booster insole is hidden in the specially designed upper. So there is no effect of shoes on a high heel or a couturier, which some men fear.

Buy, try them on and see for yourself what a fantastic effect you can get!

Everyday elevating shoes from Konopka Shoes store

Derby, sneakers, boots, laofers, monks, slippers - these are the types of everyday elevator shoes we can offer. Why exactly does our offer deserve your attention? What distinguishes the assortment of our online store?

Quality materials

We sell shoes of the Conhpol brand - valued worldwide for its uncompromisingness in terms of the raw materials used. Polish, Italian and exotic leather, meeting the highest standards - this is what the footwear you can order from us is made of. Our customers can choose between:

grain leather,

grain leather, suede leather,

nubuck leather,

velour leather,

suede leather.

Durability of shoes

You can be sure that when you choose shoes from the Konopka Shoes store, you are getting a product that will last for years. The durability of everyday elevator shoes is influenced both by the high quality of the materials used and by no lesser standards of their workmanship. Handmade footwear production in a company with traditions is a guarantee of attention to detail and many years of customer satisfaction.

Comfortable to wear

We've already mentioned this, but it's worth noting again that despite the use of elevating technology, the shoes are very comfortable, ideal for everyday wear. It is important to choose the right size - we offer a wide cross-section of numbering. You can also easily order small sizes of elevating shoes from us. 

Rich color palette

It is important that the color of the shoes match the styling, not infrequently it can also be an expression of our personality. Not everyone will feel comfortable in red sneakers, and there are also men who can't imagine walking in "boring" black every day. We have an option for everyone to suit his needs: from dark, classic and therefore safe tones, through shades of navy blue and blue to white and non-obvious solutions such as green, maroon or yellow.

What else does the Konopka Shoes store offer?

You can also order shoes for special occasions from us. Elegant elevator shoes are very popular among the male part of our clientele. Men choose them to match a suit or more casual styling. At every stage of the purchasing process, you can count on the support of our staff. They will be happy to advise you on the matching model and answer any questions you may have.

Our collections take into account the different needs of customers. We offer not only elegant elevator shoes, but also ones that are perfect for everyday wear. Nothing prevents you from wearing everyday elevator shoes and pleasing yourself every day, including without any occasion.